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in Edmonton AB...the Insider's Guide to Edmonton

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We're your guide to Edmonton!

Welcome to In-Edmonton-AB!

As you browse this site, get ready for a trip through this delightful northern city!

Whether you're a first-time tourist, a frequent visitor, or one of the locals, you need to know what's best in Edmonton AB and where to find it.

Consider me your personal Edmonton Guide to help you make the most of this incredible city. Whether your time in Edmonton spans a few hours to a lifetime - let's make the most of your time here.

I'll show you how to get incredible discounts and show you just what this city has to offer. I'll always point you to the best and give you my honest feedback on what we've experienced here.

Travel and Tourism Guide

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in Edmonton AB Edmonton is an exciting city with much to see and do. It covers over 684 square kilometers - that's a lot of city! Covering that much space, there's a lot Edmonton has to offer. A lot that even the locals might not be aware of.

In order to enjoy your stay or make your life in Edmonton more convenient, you need to know what Alberta's captial has to offer and where you can find those things!

From Edmonton homes to the best Edmonton hotels...from Edmonton attractions to Edmonton weather...we've got the information on Edmonton you need.

How In-Edmonton-AB All Began

edmonton ab A job change. A move across the world (or so it seemed). Edmonton, Alberta has become our home. What an exciting place to be!

What began as a desire to get to know this grand get be able to find our way around...resulted in this mammoth project to really KNOW what's in Edmonton, AB.

Like you, we love this city and we're intensely interested in finding out all we can about it! We hope you come to know and love this beautiful place as much as we do.

We understand what it's like to feel the thrill of being in a large city but needing to know the local secrets about where to get the best deals and the best service. This site is dedicated to making your time in Edmonton easier and more enjoyable.

So stick with us. Hang on tight. We're finding out more about this city all the time!

If you live in Edmonton or are relocating here, we hope the information saves you a lot of hassles.

If you're travelling to Edmonton for a visit, we hope you can maximize your time here and enjoy it to the fullest.

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