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A&W Edmonton

A&W Edmonton is one of the traditional fast food restaurants. Serving burgers, fries, onion rings - and of course their famous A&W Root Beer, this restaurant has a "diner" atmosphere.

A & W (137 Ave/122 St - White Oaks Square) on Urbanspoon

a and w edmonton

Locations: 13440 - 97th St
Phone Number:(780)423-5428

8115 - 101 St (at 82nd Ave)
Phone Number:(780)433-1451

10324 - 103rd St (Greyhound Bus Terminal)
Phone Number:(780)426-4980

Hub Mall, 9016 - 112th St (University Of Alberta)
Phone Number: (780)439-7406

2254 - 98th Street NW
Phone Number: (780)430-0048

5035 Gateway Blvd.
Phone Number:(780)435-7106

4940 - 101st Ave
Phone Number: (780)490-0550

4205 - 118th Avenue NW
Phone Number: (780)474-7346

482 Riverbend Square NW (Riverbend Square)
Phone Number: (780)432-4384

2420 - 50th Street N.W. (Millwoods Towne Centre)
Phone Number:(780)450-4067

7455 - 101st Avenue N.W. (Capilano Corner)
Phone Number: (780)469-3026

10823 Kingsway Avenue
Phone Number: (780)477-6436

Southgate SC, # 401 G 111th St & 51st Avenue
Phone Number: (780)432-3930

Unit # D013, 10200 - 102 Avenue (Edmonton City Centre West)
Phone Number: (780)424-9606

West Edmonton Mall, Phase 1, #1874
8882 - 170th Street, Unit G-101
Phone Number: (780)444-1078

West Edmonton Mall, Phase 3, #1570
8882 - 170th Street, Unit Q-111
Phone Number: (780)444-2283

Kingsway Mall, Unit 433
109th St. + Princess Elizabeth Ave.
Phone Number: (780)474-1186

167 - 8330, 82nd Avenue (Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre)
Phone Number: (780)466-7050

12326 111 Avenue
Phone Number: (780)455-9952

16435 - 97th Street
Phone Number: (780)456-5678

5011 - 137th Avenue N.E.
Phone Number: (780)456-5101

#518 - 2331 66th Street NW (Mill Woods Town Centre)
Phone Number: (780)450-9814

4130 Calgary Trail
Phone Number: (780)438-3102

310 Manning Crossing
Phone Number: (780)475-7047

Unit U 81 Londonderry Mall
137th Ave & 66th Street

220 Mayfield Common NW
Phone Number: (780)489-9869

12222 - 137th Ave (White Oaks Square)
Phone Number: (780)457-7610

Overall Rating: 3 star

Go Again? Maybe. I like the diner atmosphere - and I love A&W root beer - but I wish they had more variety and more toppings on all their burgers.

Food Served: Fast Food

A&W Edmonton Review

We were out as a family around lunch time. I had 2 A and W restaurant gift certificates stashed in my purse that some kind person has thoughtfully given to us as a special treat. The gift certificates say on the outside Dub Card - I have no idea why...and I'm still wondering. Guess I'll have to Google it sometime!

Then, without even expecting to, we spotted it - the familiar look of the A&W store sign brightly coloring the winter sky.

Since it was lunch time and we had those gift certificates and there just happened to be an A&W Edmonton restaurant located right there in front of us - we had no choice but to stop!

We walked into the restaurant - it has been a long time since I'd been in one - actually I think the only time that I'd ever eaten at an A&W was one of those little versions in the mall.

We stepped up to the counter to order. Not being familiar with the menu, I was a little confused with the names - Baby Burger, Teen Burger, Mama Burger, Papa Burger, Grandpa Burger, and Uncle Burger.

The name choices of the burgers are kind of clever since the restaurant's mascot is a bear.

a&w edmonton

I'm guessing the different names had to do with the different sizes of burgers...but I think there is also a difference in the toppings that each one has on them.

We ended up ordering 2 Mama Burgers and a Papa Burger as well as some fries.

The fries were delicious - but then again, I always love fries!

The burgers were delicious too. I guess the only thing that I was disappointed about was the fact that there didn't seem to be a whole lot of variety in burger choice. The menu seemed like you just choose the size of an ordinary burger.

Maybe I'll have to study the menu a little closer next time to see if there are any other differences in the selections for the next time I visit and A&W Edmonton.

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