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Advertise Online in Edmonton!

Advertise to Hundreds of Local Edmonton Buyers Online!
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Your Target Market is Searching Online For Your Products or Services

When your target market wants to find your products or services, today more than half never turn to the Yellow Pages. Instead, over 92% search the internet. However, 95% of all shopping still happens locally.[1]

Translation? Your customers are searching online for your products or services and they want to buy from you offline - at your place of business!

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Isn't My company Website Good Enough?

No, not with today's information and media seekers. People want a second opinion. What if another reputable website raved about your product or services and gave visitors additional, extremely valuable information and media? That builds credibility and trust from potential customers!

When a potential customer sees your business  on a separate website, it will increase the likelihood of him/her becoming a loyal customer. If they see your business just once, they  are more likely to forget your business exists! With our captivating features, seeing you twice will entice!

Not Just Another Yellow Pages Listing!

Unlike the Yellow Pages, which offers just a cold address listing and contact info or overly priced ads,[2] advertising with is like inviting potential customers with a warm handshake where they can walk into your place of business for a virtual tour right on our site!

Everyone searches for local products and services online, but how will your local business reach them, when marketing online is so difficult, time-consuming, and expensive..

Or is it? Isn't there a fast, simple, and cost-effective solution? You bet!

Get your business in front of hundreds of monthly Edmonton readers by promoting your business on!

Here's what your business page could look like!

advertising online in edmonton

Click here for the live page.

The features and pricing are below. If you have questions, let us know!

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online advertising in edmonton


[2]When more than half never use the Yellow Pages and almost everyone searches the Internet, print advertising is overpriced.

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