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Al Salam Edmonton

Al Salam Edmonton is a Lebanese style restaurant and bakery...and definitely worth checking out!

al salam restaurant

10141 34 Ave. Edmonton T6E 6J8

Phone Number:

9am - 9pm

Plenty of free parking onsite

Overall Rating:
4 out of 5 stars

Go Again?
Yes, would especially like to try breakfast.

Food Served:

al salam edmonton

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Al Salam Edmonton Review

A recent tour in the Middle East had left us wondering if Edmonton has any authentic Mediterranean cuisine. A Lebanese friend recommended Al Salam.

al salam deli

We stopped by Al Salam on a weekday for an early lunch and were greeted by a friendly and attentive waitress.

We mentioned we had recently returned from Jordan and learned the Al Salam chef was Jordanian. Our quest for the real deal looked promising.

al salam bakery restaurant edmonton

Al Salam Restaurant Menu

The menu is fairly simple, offering breakfast, lunch and supper.

Those accustomed to Middle Eastern breakfasts will be delighted with Al Salam's choices. Olives, cheeses, yogurt, and veggies served with olive oil on fresh dough or with pita bread make up much of the breakfast menu.

al salam restaurant edmonton

Dishes such as Zaatar Herbal Delight (herbs and olive oil over pita,) Chicken or Beef Cheese Ajeen (shawarma and mozzarella baked on fresh dough,) Kishk (yogurt, bulgur and tomatoes baked on fresh dough,) Sahn Fool (fava beans with lemon juice and olive oil,) and a Vegetables and Olive plate can be ordered until 11 am.

Standard Mediterranean appetizers and salads offered are Hummus and Pita, Baba Ghanooj and Pita (grilled eggplant and tahini, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice,) Tzatziki and Pita, Kibby (beef mixed with bulgar and spices,) stuffed grape leaves (Warrak Ayreesh,) Tabbouli (seasoned bulgar with lemon juice and olive oil,) and Fattoush (veggies, sumac, and baked pita chips with olive oil and lemon juice.)

Al Salam offers thin crust pizzas, shawarmas, kabobs, falafel and kafta. All meats are Halal prepared.

We opted for a chicken and a beef shawarma platter. The portions were so large that we would split a platter upon a return visit.

al salam edmonton location

Freshly baked, warm and still puffy pitas were delivered to our table. They were soft and very delicious with the shawarmas. The shawarma was prepared with marinated meat over seasoned rice accompanied by pickled turnip slices, a hot pepper and a pickle spear. The beef was drizzled with a yogurt sauce; the chicken was not.

Each platter came with small scoops of hummus and garlic dip along with a side salad.

The meat was delicious - spiced very much like foods we had recently enjoyed abroad - and not too dry as some spit-roasted meats can be.

The hummus was finely ground, again reminiscent of recently enjoyed fare, and the yogurt based garlic dip was thick and very garlicky!

al salam edmonton hours

The Fatoush side salad had too much dressing on it and went limp pretty quickly. Served in the freshly baked pita this meal was very delicious.

In sticking with authentic, we decided to try a Lebanese beverage. Laziza is a malt-based, non-alcoholic carbonated beverage. It comes plain or in a variety of different flavors.

al salam edmonton restaurant

I did not like the plain at all but the peach Laziza was full of real peach flavor and very good. This beverage is very carbonated!

Al Salam Edmonton Take-Out

Al Salam has a take-out deli, a bakery for their pitas and a small Lebanese grocery store where you can buy hard to find Mediterranean ingredients. Lots of interesting stuff there!

al salam grocery edmonton

The meal we enjoyed was very reminiscent of what we had feasted on during our trip to the Middle East. For some authentic Middle Eastern fare, give Al Salam a try.

Reviewed by Deborah 2/28/12

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