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Barb and Ernie's Edmonton

Barb and Ernie's Edmonton is a great place to go if you want delicious German food in a stylish European atmosphere.

Barb and ernies Edmonton

Barb & Ernie's Old Country Inn Edmonton

Barb and ernies old country inn

Location: 9906 72 Avenue Edmonton, AB, Canada T6E 0Z3

Phone Number: (780) 433-3242

Overall Rating: 4 star

Go Again? Yes, particularly to try the Tuesday night buffet.

Food Served: German

Website: Barb and Ernie's

Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Friday: 7 am - 8 pm
Saturday: 8 am - 8 pm
Sunday: 8 am - 3 pm

Holiday Hours: Breakfast only 9 am - 2 pm

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Barb and Ernie's Edmonton Review

I have a confession.

There are no pictures of the delicious German food we ate at Barb & Ernie's.

There are pictures of the outside, of the sign, and of the charming Bavarian decor at the restaurant, but none of the food. Why? I forgot to take any!

Barb and ernies edmonton location

When my hubby suggested we go out for breakfast on our anniversary we decided on Barb and Ernie's, a place recommended by friends. We thought it would be a good idea for me to do a review of the restaurant since we'd heard so much about it and we were going anyway.

We were seated and my husband once again proclaimed his undying love (it's been 32 years!) I totally forgot to photograph the food!

Barb and Ernie's Old Country Inn History

Barb and ernies edmonton food

Barb and Ernie's is very much a community oriented restaurant with a loyal following.

On the front of the menu is printed a chronology of Barb and Ernie's restaurant history co-mingled with their lives as a family. Workers became part of the family and family all worked. Friends and patrons chipped in to help in hard times and customers came back again and again. Written in a humorous style, the chronology kept us busy reading while we waited for the famed eggs Benedict breakfast special to arrive.

Barb and Ernie's Edmonton Food

Barb and ernies german restaurant

If you like German food you will love Barb and Ernie's. I tried the ham (with an added tomato slice) eggs Benedict and my husband enjoyed the schnitzel eggs Benedict.

Each generous order included the meat, freshly prepared hash browns, two English muffin halves with a poached egg on each half, a light and very flavorful hollandaise sauce and a generous fresh fruit garnish. The regular ham (they also offer Black Forest ham) was a bit bland but the schnitzel was not only delicious, it filled half the plate. The signature curry ketchup was a perfect tangy accent to the schnitzel.

Fussy about how your eggs are poached? One order was soft poached, one medium and they were perfectly prepared.

There was so much food we each had enough to take home for a second meal.

One may also choose from a limited child's or senior's menu or select from the healthy choices menu (weekends only.) Lunch and dinner menus are also available.

Barb and Ernie's Old Country Inn Decor

The building is an alpine style structure. The interior boasts two separate dining rooms seating around 90 in total. German music plays in the background and the entire room is filled with Bavarian style wood carved plates.

Barb and ernies restaurant

A cuckoo clock above our table chimed the half hour. Several paintings of castles grace the walls and a faux stone wall and stone fireplace add even more atmosphere.

Very pleasant and interesting!

Barb and Ernie's Service

Our waitress was attentive and prompt and our orders were prepared exactly as we had requested. We learned that Tuesday night is the dinner buffet and we're planning to stop by one Tuesday to try it out.

I'm not sure how many of their yummy German dishes are offered on the buffet, but I'm hoping at least a few of our favorites - potato pancakes, sauerkraut, the famous "wursts," spätzle, sauerbraten, knödel, rotkohl, schnitzels, and strudel. Hmmmm. Can't wait!

Reviewed 6/8/11

And We Went Back to Barb and Ernie's Edmonton!

My husband and a friend found themselves near Barb and Ernie's at lunchtime and decided to stop in for a meal. My husband ordered the seafood soup and his friend wanted to try crepes.

The seafood soup is a special dish usually prepared on Fridays. My husband, a seafood lover, raved at the quantity and variety of seafood in this meal. Shrimp, scallops, mussels in the shell, and salmon loaded a tureen-sized bowl. The broth was flavorful, a tomato based creation full of light spiciness.

There was so much soup that my husband shared a bowlful with his friend who was then unable to finish his delicious crepes!

The chef, Ernie, of Barb and Ernie fame, came out and chatted with the men to find out their opinion of the soup. My husband could not say enough good about his soup and garlic bread meal.

Great service, great portions, and great food are still the norm at Barb and Ernie's.

Still looking forward to trying the Tuesday night German food buffet!

Update 10/21/11

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