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Buffet Royale Edmonton

The Buffet Royale Edmonton is a mid-priced buffet with a classy atmosphere. Read our review!

Buffet Royale Carvery Edmonton


Buffet Royale South
3318 Gateway Blvd, Edmonton AB
Phone Number: 780 439-8900

Buffet Royale North
12866 Fort Road, Edmonton AB Phone Number: 780 475-4600

Buffet Royale West
17202 - 95 Ave, Edmonton AB
Phone Number: 780 481-0255

Buffet Royale Sherwood Park
#116, 957 Fir Street, Sherwood Park AB
Phone Number: 780 416-3663

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Food Served: Serving Western foods; also specializing in Chinese and Ukrainian fare with a sampling of Italian, Indian and more!

Website: Buffet Royale Carvery Edmonton

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Buffet Royale Edmonton Review

I'm not a big fan of most mid-priced buffet places so I wasn't particularly enthusiastic when my husband suggested stopping at Buffet Royale Carvery for lunch. But Buffet Royale really surprised me.

Buffet Royale Atmosphere

The recently opened Sherwood Park location is tastefully decorated, offers comfortable, spacious seating, and pleasant ambient lighting.

Buffet Royale Edmonton

The exterior features natural stone which is repeated inside on the feature wall fireplace.

Edmonton Buffet Royale

Slate floors in the main area, warm, natural-color walls, mirrors and subtle modern metal accents make this a welcoming upscale version of the traditional buffet restaurant.

We arrived at lunchtime and were seated right away.

The weekday lunch traffic was steady but not crowded and included families, couples, a road work crew, and a large group of workers who enjoyed their meal in one of separate banquet rooms available at Buffet Royale.

The salad area offered a plenteous but fairly typical selection: greens, fresh veggies, prepared salads, jello, cottage cheese, cheeses, etc.

A feature Callebaut chocolate fountain sits out in the center of the dining area.

Buffet Royale Chocolate Fountain

Diners can select fresh fruit from this area, sans chocolate if you wish.

Along the west wall is a carving area. My husband really enjoyed the roast beef. Check the website to find out which other meats are offered at the time you plan to dine or call ahead to learn the selections of the day.

The north buffet line features western and Ukrainian foods. Typical fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and cooked veggies are offered alongside perogies, borscht, and even the occasional Indian dish.

Buffet Royale Edmonton Menu

I always enjoy trying the Chinese dishes at buffets.

Lately I've had to shy away from Chinese because of a bad reaction to MSG. While I neglected to ask about MSG in these dishes, I did not have a reaction to the food at all.

It was all very tasty and the chafing dishes were frequently replaced with freshly cooked portions. The Chinese dishes I tried were definitely above average!

Buffet Royale Edmonton Buffet

Soups, breads, and a taco bar finished out the main dish choices.

Buffet Royale Edmonton Location

Besides the chocolate fountain, Buffet Royale has a nice selection of desserts and soft serve ice cream with all the toppings.

Edmonton Buffet Royale Dessert

At Buffet Royale Edmonton you can book a private room, make arrangements for your special event, and even hire one of the Buffet Royale limos! Catering is also available. Check online for seasonal dining times and food choices.

I never thought I would be excited to return to a mid-priced buffet restaurant, but I am planning to go back to Buffet Royale. My husband really likes a Saturday brunch so I think we'll mosey over to Buffet Royale one Saturday soon to try out the weekend buffet. Looking forward to it!

Date Reviewed: 12/8/11

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