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Carpet Edmonton

When people move into a new home in Edmonton carpet and flooring tends to be one of the first things they think about.

While there are a wide variety of modern flooring finishes available, one of the most popular choices used for family living today is still carpet.

Edmonton Stores

carpet edmonton Many flooring companies offer carpet. Edmonton contains many of these stores, so finding the perfect carpet will not be difficult.

Carpet Superstores has several locations in western Canada. You can find their store both in North and South Edmonton. Carpet Superstores is one among many different places where you can find carpet for your home.

Carpet stores almost always deliver and install carpet for very reasonable prices.

Carpet Styles

Attractive carpeting can transform a house into a comfortable home. However, few people know very much about the options available when it comes to carpet.

Edmonton stores carry all of these types, among others, on a regular basis.

  • Cut Pile.
  • This best-seller is created by cutting looped carpet fibers at the tops. The patterns created create a luxurious look and feel.

  • Cut and Loop Pile.
  • As the name suggests, this type of carpeting combines cut and looped piles. The novelty of this sculpted carpet is that it effectively hides dirt because of its high and low levels.

  • Saxony.
  • While Saxony carpet looks pretty with its tightly twisted cut piles, it is probably the most difficult type to keep clean. Even vacuum marks are impossible to hide.

  • Velvet/Plush.
  • The luxury feel of this solid-colored, lightly twisted carpeting makes it perfect for formal dining areas or master bedrooms. Like Saxony carpet, however, it shows every footprint and vacuum mark.

  • Textured.
  • These popular carpets work well in informal spaces because their multicolored, tightly-twisted patterns easily hide marks and stains.

  • Shag.
  • A type of deep pile carpeting widely used in the 1970s, Shag often receives bad press. However, the comfortable feel of the deep piles still appeals to many people in the 21st century.

  • Area Rugs.
  • A more contemporary option, area rugs give a carpet feel without the cost of full-room installation. They work well as color accents, and they provide warmth in needed areas during the cooler months.

  • Carpet Tile.
  • Commonly used in commercial settings, carpet tile tends to have a long life. Plus, stained or damaged tiles can be easily replaced without the expense of replacing an entire room.

Don't allow yourself to become stressed over searching for carpet. Edmonton contains many professionals who will be happy to assist you.

Take a stroll down to your local flooring store, and enjoy the feel of your new home.

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