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Cheap Flights Edmonton

Flight Deals in Edmonton
Cheap Flights Edmonton International Airport

Looking for some great flight deals to or from Edmonton?

There are some great air deals in Edmonton - you just have to find them and we'll show you how!

Edmonton Flight Deals: Get great travel deals on

edmonton airport

Looking for cheap flights to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?

Edmonton has one international airport - YEG - that serves the central and northern Alberta markets.

Check out more information on what to expect at the Edmonton Airport.

Tips for Finding Cheap Flight Deals to and from Edmonton

When to Fly

Flying on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday usually nets you the best prices.

Make sure to investigate several options for times and airlines when searching for Cheap Flights to Edmonton.

Flying during low season times saves you money.

If you can, avoid the weeks before and after New Year's, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Higher summertime rates to Edmonton generally begin mid-May and run through Labour Day.

Time to Fly

You may also save money by flying very early or very late in the day. Middle of the night "red eye" flights are primarily cargo flights so you may end up having a whole row of seats to yourself. Good for snoozing!

If you have the option you may wish to avoid early morning flights and suppertime flights when airport security and customs may have longer lines.

Where to Look

Checking the airline website offers surprising deals at times. Don't forget regional airlines such as West Jet which does not normally come up in standard searches but frequently offers great seat sales.

Airlines and travel sites are more likely to show price comparisons for bookings several days before or after the day you're thinking of flying. If you have flexibility on your flight dates, this comparison may save you money.

Expedia allows you to compares prices for airline flights. This lets you to find and choose the cheapest deals to the locations you need to go.

Get great travel deals on

Fly to Calgary

Try booking flights to Calgary if you cannot find direct cheap flights to Edmonton.

Shuttle flights, Red Arrow premium bus shuttle and rental cars are all available from Calgary to Edmonton. If you choose this option make sure you factor in the costs of travelling from Calgary to Edmonton when comparing fares.

Finding Transportation from the Edmonton Airport

Transportation options from Edmonton International Airport

Check the Ground Transportation Office on the Arrivals Level at the airport

Phone: 780 890 8553, ext. 1
Toll-free: 1 800 268 7134

Public Transit: C-line transit runs from Century Park C-train station in South Edmonton to the airport (route 590) 4 times in the morning and four times in the afternoon.

See C-Line Transit for details.

One way fares are $5.00 for adults and $4.00 for seniors and children

Airport Taxi Service: 780 890 7070

Edmonton Airport Taxi Costs (approximate costs) Up to 4 passengers in a standard taxi

  • South Edmonton $35 and up
  • Central Edmonton $48 and up
  • West Edmonton $57 and up
  • North Edmonton $60 and up

Airport Limo: Prestige Limousines: 780 463 5000

Call or go online for a quote

Shuttles: Sky Shuttle: airport service

  • $18 adult
  • $10 child
  • additional fees for bicycles and extra bags

See website or airport kiosk for pick up and drop locations and times of operation.

Hotel Shuttles: Check with your hotel / motel to see if they offer shuttle service

Find Edmonton airport hotels that are close to the International Airport.

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