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Chuck E Cheese Edmonton

Chuck E Cheese Edmonton is a fun place for kids to go. With a couple locations in this city, it can be a fun place for a birthday party, since it has so many different games to choose from.

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chuck e cheese edmonton

North Edmonton - 14245 137th Avenue NW North Edmonton, AB T5L5E8
Phone Number: (780) 451-1325

South Edmonton - 9863 19th Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T6N1K8
Phone Number: (780) 432-2335

Overall Rating: 4 star

Go Again? Yup. We chose a quiet time to go - we had the place to ourselves and the kids had a blast.

Food Served: Pizza

Chuck E Cheese Edmonton Review

It was a nippy Edmonton winter day...and it had been like that for quite sometime. The kids were getting a little stir crazy in the house and although they wanted to go out and run around - the cold around here doesn't make that practical all the time.

We needed to find something fun to do inside.

A friend suggested Chuck E Cheese Edmonton. She rounded up a bunch of moms and kids - set the date - and we were Chuck E Cheese bound.

I'd never been there before - so I didn't know what it was like. I've included some Edmonton Chuck E Cheese Pictures for you to browse.


chuck e cheese edmonton locations

When we arrived, I was happily surprised. I thought that the place would be crawling with kids and adults alike. I was sure that I was going to have to spend most of my time making sure my kids didn't get lost in the maze of people.

But no, when I arrived, we were the only people there. We had free run of the place the whole time we were there. We went just after the store opened and I guess the rest of Edmonton just doesn't want to be there that early in the morning. Don't know if I should spill our secret!

When we left around noon, people were starting to trickle in.

I think things could get a little chaotic and not as fun if you were to come on a busy day, however.

Chuck E Cheese Edmonton Cleanliness

I had also heard that Chuck E Cheese play areas have a reputation for being dirty, but again, I was pleasantly surprised. The place was extremely clean - even the games themselves were sparkling. In fact, the entire time that we were there, several Chuck E Cheese employees were cleaning the games and arcades.

Chuck E Cheese Games

chuck e cheese games edmonton

The other thing I had wondered about was - would Chuck E Cheese Edmonton have anything for toddlers to do? I had thought this restaurant had a lot of arcade games. But there was plenty for toddlers to do. They even had a toddler section - complete with little slide and gentle ride on toys like Bob the Builder and Clifford.

There was also a section of games for older children that the toddlers even enjoyed - like a large Kentucky Derby horse, a car ride where you get your picture taken, and a simulation ride of going down a roller coaster. There was also a tunnel playground structure that kids could climb through and slide down - kind of like what they have in a McDonalds' Play Place.

Then, of course, there were games that older elementary kids would enjoy - like arcade type games and shoot the basketball in the hoop.

Chuck E Cheese Tokens

chuck e cheese tokens edmonton

You need to have tokens to play with the Chuck E Cheese games (except for the climb on toys). Each game takes 1 token. A few hours at Chuck E Cheese can get pretty expensive then.

The best thing to do is to establish ahead of time how many tokens each child gets - and when they're done - they're done. They can still have fun with the climb on toys and if they're young enough - it's almost just as fun just to sit in the Bob the Builder truck as it is to ride on it!

A trick to get some free tokens and Chuck E Cheese coupons is to sign up each of your children to the email Club - you'll get some free tokens instantly, then you'll get free tokens for their birthday, and some free tokens for their half birthday!

Chuck E Cheese Pizza and Food

Sorry - I didn't try the pizza when we went and I forgot to look at the prices - but I think it's pretty expensive.

I did try some fries though and they were pretty good.

Chuck E Cheese Edmonton Birthday Party

chuck e cheese birthday party edmonton

A birthday party at Chuck E Cheese is a pretty popular idea. If you're planning on having a birthday party at this restaurant, here are some things to think about.

Try to plan the party at a less busy time - when people are not likely to be there.

Make sure you have enough adult supervision. It would be hard to keep track of all the kids here - the younger the age, the higher the parent to child ratio is needed.

It may get a little pricey depending on how many kids you have. Give each child a set amount of tokens to use or give each child a set amount of tokens every 15 minutes or so.

Hope you enjoyed the Chuck E Cheese Pictures and I hope you have a wonderful trip to your Edmonton Chuck E Cheese.

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