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Churchill Square Edmonton

Sir Winston Churchill Square Edmonton is a large open area in the heart of downtown with plenty to do and see. Let us give you a tour.

churchill square edmonton


This square is a large, clean, and well-maintained open area in downtown Edmonton. It is located just outside of City Hall, the Art Gallery, and the Windspeare Theatre.

It's size and design makes it the perfect place for small community events as well as large city events.

It's a great area just to go for a stroll or to sit on a bench and enjoy the weather.

There are also recreational things that you can do at Churchill Square Edmonton. There are basketball nets for pick-up basketball and a large area close to city hall that is used as a wading pool in the summer and an ice skating rink in the winter.

Location: 1 Sir Winston Churchill Sq. Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7

Parking: Trying to find parking to go to Churchill Square is just like trying to find parking anywhere downtown. There is parking meters as well as parking garages close by - but wherever you park, you are going to have to pay.

Events and Attractions


winston churchill square edmonton

Because of its great location in the heart of downtown and its large open area, Sir Winston Churchill Square Edmonton is the place for many downtown events. Check out upcoming events on the Square here.

In fact, if you would like to plan an event at the square you can book your own event at this great location.


  • Art Gallery of Alberta
  • Citadel Theatre
  • City Hall
  • Stanely A. Milner Library
  • Windspere Centre


Statues, Monuments, and History

Catching Neutrinos
An interesting feature of the Square is the "Edmonton Journal Pillar." It's a 10 foot tall, solid granite cone. Text, engraved into the granite, wraps around the cone. The text features headlines from the Edmonton Journal spanning a period of 100 years.

sir winston churchill square edmonton

Lunchbox Joe
Lunchbox Joe is probably most people's favorite statue at Churchill Square Edmonton. It is a statue of a working man relaxing on a bench during his lunch break. He dons a pair of overalls and a hat, as he casually leans back on the bench beside a water canteen and an open lunchbox. You'll often see people sitting beside him getting their picture taken with him.

Realtor's Row
The Realtor's Row is made up of 25 panels that trace Edmonton's economic development and 5 story panels that are centered around various themes of life in Edmonton.

Sir Winston Churchill Statue
As you would expect, a statue of Sir Winston Churchill graces Churchill Square. It's a large bronze statue set on top of a pedastal. It's surrounded by benches, so you can relax as Churchill looks on!

The Lodge
Is in the southwest corner of the square. It is unique in that it has a projector that can show various pictures from around Edmonton.

Gardens and Aesthetics

downtown square edmonton

EPCOR Waterfall
The name of the waterfall is "Light Venturi" because it features three light tubes that are designed to represent the Northern Lights.

East Formal Gardens
The East Formal Gardens is home to large, mature trees and lush green grass...a welcome relief to the concrete jungle of the city.

Metal Banners
Lining the Square on 8 metal light poles are 24 metal banners. The images on these banners were designed by local artists. The images themselves are meant to convey the diversity in the make-up of the people of Edmonton.

Union Promenade
Union Promendade is a series of banners on fiberglass poles that line 99th Street. It represents the impact Unions have had on the development of Edmonton.

West Formal Gardens
The West Formal Gardens was designed to be sort of like a "mini Alberta." It features plants native to Alberta. In the midst of the plants are several tall thin light poles - these are said to represent the Northern Lights.

Buildings and Events

Centennial Pavillion
The Centennial Pavillion is home to several different attractions. An observation deck is located on top. The main part of the building is the Edmonton Shop on the Square. It also has acess to Churchill Station's LRT pedway.

EPCOR Amphitheatre
Is basically a series of long concrete steps at one side of Sir Winston Churchill Square Edmonton. People can sit here and enjoy various events at the square. There is enough seating at the amphitheatre for 500 people.

South Pavillion
The South Pavillion is a glass paneled building located at the opposite end of the square from City Hall. It houses the Three Banana's Cafe, which is a Europeon style bistro. It is also home to the Enridge Patio and the ATCO West Wing - both of which are graced by gas fireplaces and outdoor patio-style seating.

Things to Do

Besides just touring Churchill Square Edmonton, relaxing in its wide open-space, or attending an event, there are some other things that you can do here.

Basketball hoops are set up in the square for pick-up basketball.

Ice Skating
In the winter, just outside of City Hall, the wading pool turns into an ice skating rink.

In the summer, just outside of City Hall, you can go wading in a large wading pool. It turns into an ice skating rink in the winter.

You can view more photos of the square at Churchill Square Pictures.

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