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Concrete Edmonton

Needing to find a concrete Edmonton business? Whether you're a homeowner or a contractor and whether you're doing the project yourself or hiring it out, we have a a concrete business we recommend.

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Concrete Jobs: Do-It-Yourself or Hire-It-Out?

Concrete Edmonton

Are you looking to fix that cracked sidewalk in front of your house? Does your wife keep asking you to find someone to build concrete steps onto the back porch?

Just face it: these problems really can't wait any longer.

But sometimes the hardest part of these decisions is who will actually pour the concrete! Edmonton, AB, may seem like an easy city to choose a store for the do-it-yourself route or to find a general contractor.

Let's consider a few scenarios in which one option may be better than another.

Concrete Foundation

So, is that water that drips down the basement walls a big problem? Probably.

In this situation, it is certainly possible to buy some sacks of Portland, undercut the crack(s) to create some space, and then pack the crevices with concrete.

Edmonton contractors may not like this approach, however. In this case, consider a qualified expert. Foundation cracks are not always as insignificant as they may appear. Stress fractures can indicate serious design flaws or location issues.

In this situation, consult a contractor.

Concrete Sidewalk

Tired of tramping up to your house through the mud? Maybe it's time to pour a concrete sidewalk.

Lay out a location for your sidewalk, dig out the appropriate depth for the concrete and a proper substrate (2-6 inches), build concrete forms with on-edge 2x4s, and then pour the concrete.

This might be a perfect project for the weekend DIY type!

Chipped concrete

What about a concrete porch, hearth, or step with a big chunk cracked out of it?

It's not worth rebuilding the entire slab, but can we improve that chipped concrete?

Edmonton concrete companies carry latex or epoxy cements for repairing chipped concrete. These types of products are great for fixing chips.

They adhere to the gaps in the concrete to replace the chipped corner and prevent replacing a much larger piece of concrete.

For this job, do it yourself!

When considering these brief examples or any other in a plethora of projects, be sure to evaluate each situation based on its unique variables.

Consider safety and building codes, expenses, and personal risk before any commitment. Remember, many significant factors can influence just one simple project involving concrete.

Edmonton is well-stocked with qualified experts who can offer sound advice before any job, whether you do-it-yourself or hire-it-out!

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