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Culina Edmonton

Culina Edmonton offers gourmet Canadian fare made from fresh, locally produced ingredients in a classy setting. Locations include the Culina Mill Creek, Culina Highlands, and Culina Muttart.

culina Edmonton


Culina Mill Creek

9914 89 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB

Phone Number: (780) 437-5588

Culina Highlands Restaurant

6509 112 Avenue, Edmonton, AB

Phone Number: (780) 477-2422

Culina at the Muttart

9626 96A Street Northwest, Edmonton

Phone Number: (780) 466-1181

Overall Rating: 4 star out of 5

Go Again? Yes.

Food Served: Cafe, Family Restaurant

Culina Edmonton Catering: perfect for weddings, corporate events, and parties - Culina offers gourmet, quality, friendly catering for your get-together

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Culina Edmonton Review

Culina is an upscale family restaurant, offering your favorite Canadian comfort food in a classy and comfortable environment.

culina Edmonton menu

The Culina family partners with local producers to bring you food that is local and fresh. By doing this, Culina Edmonton helps the local economy and can also ensure and monitor the quality of the their food.

The end result? Fresh, even healthy, food that is crafted into a delicous dish that is artfully served on your plate.

The food is about mid-range in price.

We had the opportunity to try out two of Edmonton's famous places at one time. We had gotten a Groupon coupon that gave us a great deal on visiting the Muttart Conservatory and dining at a Culina restaurant.

The Culina at the Muttart has cafe style seating and is elegantly arranged. There is also outdoor seating in a patio style. Since we were just coming out of a long cold winter and it was a beautiful day - we opted to eat outside. Actually, one of the waiters told us that this was the first day they'd opened up the patio area to serve the food.

We were told to sit outside and a waitress would come and bring us a menu. We were thankful that we had chosen to sit outside - because the kids played with the stones on the ground while we waited. We waited for quite some time - and the waitress never came to us. So finally, we gave up hope that she would ever come and my husband went inside and got the menu himself.

Of course they apologized for not coming to us. I don't know what it was, maybe it was because it was their first day of serving food outside - or maybe we looked like a family just relaxing rather than waiting to dine because our kids were playing contentedly with the stones. I don't know what it was.

Not waiting for anyone this time, we viewed the menu and then my husband went inside to order.

It wasn't long before our food came.

For lunch, you can order your choice of sandwich coupled with either the daily soup or the house salad. Because it was a warm day and we had noticed on a sign that they were now selling bottles of their house salad dressing, we opted to share the house salad.

We each ordered a sandwich.

My husband ordered the Grilled Roasted Spring Creek Ranch Beef.

culina muttart

I tried the Grilled Roasted Lacombe Heritage Ham.

Both sandwiches were thick and very filling. They were loaded with fresh vegetables and a very thick layer of meat. The sandwiches had a wonderful blend of flavors and were very satisfying.

The house salad was an interesting array of fresh greens, sprouts, and vegetables.

My husband didn't care for the salad at all - and so although we had ordered it to share - I ended up eating the entirety of it...I haven't met too many fresh greens I didn't like. It was good - but not my favorite. I don't think I would buy a bottle of their salad dressing though.

Since we had just toured the Muttart, my husband commented, "It looks like they just went to the Temperate Pyramid, picked some vegetation and threw it together and called it a salad!"

When you look at it, you can kind of empathize with his statement!

culina Edmonton locations

Our water came to us in a wine bottle - a classy touch - but a little different for us - since neither of us drink.

So, our conclusion? Culina Edmonton serves good food with class. We especially appreciate the fact that they get food from local producers. The food is fresh and high quality as a result. We were full, but not stuffed when we had finished our meal.

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