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Edmonton Airport Car Rental

For Edmonton Airport car rental you have several different options. Let us show you the various car hire companies. You can then choose the rental that best suits your needs and your budget.

edmonton airport car rental

Edmonton Airport Car Hire Companies

The Edmonton Airport has 6 car rental companies that you can choose from.

The car hire companies are listed below in alphabetical order.

We've briefly listed the types of vehicles that each company has in its fleets, but for more specifics on the company, we suggest you check out their website.

Alamo carries many different types of vehicles - ranging from small to large, from vehicles for work to vehicles for luxury. They carry small, medium, and large cars. They even carry a hybrid. They also carry small and large passenger vans, as well as a cargo van. Alamo also has SUVs and pick-up trucks in their fleet. To ensure that you can get the vehicle you need, it's always best to reserve your vehicle ahead of time.

Toll Free Phone: 1-(877) 222-9075
Local Phone Number: (780) 890-7345

Avis requires a 4 business day advance notice for their vehicles. Avis has a variety of different vehicles for hire to choose from. These range from economy cars to high end, sporty cars. Avis also carries SUVs and pick-up truks for hire. Of course, the vehicles that are available at the airport at the time of your visit will vary. If you have a special need or request, it's always best to contact them ahead and reserve the vehicle that you need.

Toll Free Phone: 1-(800) 879-2847
Local Phone Number: (780) 890 7596

Budget requires a 48 hours advance notice for a rental. No matter what size of vehicle you need for your trip to Edmonton, Budget is likely to have the one to suit your needs. They carry small, medium, and large cars in their regular inventory. They also have various sizes of vans and SUVS...and if you need it, you can even rent a moving truck from them. Of course if you have a special request, it's best to book with them ahead of time.

Toll Free Phone: 1-(800) 661-7027
Local Phone Number: (780) 890-4801

This Edmonton airport car rental company carries a wide variety of vehicles. Enterprise has economy cars, standard cars, full size cars, and luxury cars. You can also rent a mini van or various sizes of SUVs from them. If you are planning to do some hauling or other heavy work on your trip to Edmonton, they also carry pick-ups and cargo vans. Again, if you are not flexible in the needs you have for your rental, you should book your vehcile ahead of time.

Toll Free Phone: 1-(800) 261 7331
Local Phone Number: (780) 980-2338

Hertz requires a 4 business day advance notice. The vehicles Hertz carries will suit the needs of the average traveler. They have a "Green Collection" - a line of environmentally friendly cars. They also carry a line of small to large to classy cars. Finally, their fleet also includes larger vehicles such as minivans, SUVs, and pick-up trucks.

Toll Free Phone: 1-(800) 263-0600
Local Phone Number: (780) 890-4435

National carries everything from small compact cars to cube vans, cube vans, and trucks. In their fleet they have economy cars, standard cars, luxury cars, and even a hybrid. Of course, it's always best to book ahead to ensure that you get the vehicle you need.

Toll Free Phone: 1-(800) 227-7368
Local Phone Number: (780) 890-7345

Edmonton Airport Car Rental Location

If you need car rental at the Edmonton International Airport, these companies are easily accessible from the baggage claim area.

Simply exit the airport and cross the street to the parking garage, known as the Parkade.

The car hire companies are located on P1 - the first level.

Signs should clearly direct you so that you don't get lost looking for Edmonton Airport car rental.

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