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Edmonton Car Dealerships

Edmonton car dealerships - there are a lot of them all over the city. Let us help you find the location of a dealership near you that has the car your looking for.

In a city as vast as Edmonton, there are, of course, a lot of dealerships. You see them all around - but when the time comes for you to buy a car - you suddenly go blank.

Now where was that car dealership located? I know that it's around here somewhere!

Let us help you keep from getting lost. We'll help you find a dealership near you that carries the model of car that you are looking for.

Below you can search for car dealers in Edmonton by car make.

Most of these dealers sell both new and used vehicles. So whether you would like to buy new, you'd rather save some money and look for a used car, or consider both new and used cars - you can most likely do that all at the same location.

Edmonton Car Dealerships

Car Dealers are arranged alphabetically by vehicle make. edmonton car dealerships













Land Rover




Mercedes Benz






Determining which Car Dealer to Go to

Not sure what vehicle make your interested in?

Here are some tips:

First, determine how much money you can spend on a car. Let your budget help determine the kind of car make that you buy.

Second, know what you're looking for in a car. Do you need a vehicle to transport a lot of people? If so, you'll want a spacious vehicle. Will you be doing a lot of driving? If so, you'll want a car with good gas mileage? What safety features are you interested in? Do you need it to tow heavy loads? Are you just looking for a sporty looking car?

Knowing what you're wanting out of a car will help you determine which one to buy.

Next, ask around and see what others are saying about various vehicle makes. Are your family and friends happy with their vehicle make? Would they buy the car again? Study what Consumer Reports has to say about various cars.

Finally, shop around. Go to various dealerships - test drive them and see which vehicle works best for you.

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