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As the second most populous city in Alberta, Edmonton has thousands of people who need housing in the city.

If you're a young couple or if you have a small family, you should consider purchasing a condominium in Edmonton.

What to Consider

edmonton condos for sale Although there are always Edmonton condos for sale, you shouldn't just settle for any condo. You need to find one that suits your needs.

When you are searching for a condo that suits you and your family, there are some basic factors you should keep in mind.

First, consider where condo is located. What is the neighbourhood like? Is it a high class neighbourhood? Is it safe? Generally, you can find condos in the following neighborhoods: Queen Mary Park, Oliver, McDougall, Youngstown, Brittania, West Jasper Place, and Downtown Edmonton.

If you find a condo that interests you, do your research on the neighbourhood. Talk to people. Go for a walk around the block. Your surroundings and your neighbours will greatly influence your satisfaction of your new condo. Do your homework when considering Edmonton condos for sale.

Second, consider the price. What can you realistically afford? Have a general price range in mind before falling in love with a condo. Condos can range anywhere from $100,000 to more than $1 million.

You won't be able to enjoy living in your new condo if your strapped with debt. Finally, consider the size of the condo. Depending on the condo you choose, you can have anywhere from one to five bedrooms and one to five complete bathrooms.

Realistically, what size of condo do you need to be comfortable?

Basic Terms for Condos

Common property is anything outside your living quarters that is owned by everyone such as the facilities, halls, and elevators.

Condo fees cover repairs for the building, utilities, and a reserve fund in the event of a major renovation.

Occasionally, you might have to pay a levy. This fee is an additional charge given when the reserve fund lacks the monies needed for repair or renovation.

Those who regulate these fees are members of the condo board. These building owners oversee the building's repairs, regulate finances, and address the concerns of other owners.

Guidelines for Living in Condos

  1. Read the minutes of the board meeting. After reading the minutes, you will know any concerns the owners may have with the building.

  2. Find a copy of the reserve fund. Depending on the age of the building, the owners should have a certain amount of funds saved. For example, if the building is 12 years old, the repair fund should be 25-30% of the cost of any replaceable parts.

  3. Check the insurance policy. Make sure that the condo has a policy with a building ordinance clause that guarantees building upgrades if it's not up to code. Also, determine how much the policy covers you and what insurance you may need to protect yourself financially.

  4. Know the condo's bylaws. Some of these rules may restrict pets or children from living in the building.

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