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Edmonton construction jobs - let us help you find work.

Edmonton is a vibrant and economically advanced city in Canada, with many available construction jobs.

Compared to most other cities, it has a solid and diverse economy that is grounded in Canada's sixth largest metropolitan area. Construction is a major part of the city's development.

Although construction jobs may be somewhat scarce in a slow economy, you're more likely to find a construction job in Edmonton than in most other cities in Canada.

Where to Look for Edmonton Construction Jobs

Here are some construction jobs that are currently available.

View available construction jobs in Edmonton.

edmonton construction jobs Here are some other ideas to help you find a job.

First of all, you can check with online classifieds and with Edmonton's newspapers and online classified websites.

Many of these online sites are free. This is often the broadest way to look at all of the jobs, but you might want to find something more specific.

You can start by checking out some of the major construction companies. Those companies include:

  • Vinterra Properties Inc.
  • S & D International Group Inc
  • Bird¬†Construction Company
  • Edmonton Construction¬†by Denali
  • 3 Way Development Corporation

You can also check with the city of Edmonton to see if they need some employees to work in construction.

Types of Construction Jobs

If you have never worked construction before, you may want to consider what type of job you'd like before looking at the construction jobs available.

Workers in construction can include carpenters, masons, laborers and managers. You could be doing anything from making cabinets and walls to mixing cement and transporting materials. You could find yourself helping to build houses, hospitals, or even roads.

Job security

The good news about construction jobs is that there will always be a need to build or renovate something.

That's not to say that the need for construction workers won't go up and down - if the economy is slow or if there's not much need, some of the construction jobs could go away. These layoffs could be permanent or temporary.

You may want to study the company and the projects that they do and consider their future before getting a job.

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