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Edmonton Dental Implants

In Edmonton dental implants are a normal procedure at many great clinics. Each day, people visit these clinics and find that this simple solution does away with a multitude of problems in their personal and social lives.

Clinics Offering Dental Implants in Edmonton

Edmonton Dental Implants

The Vassos Clinic

Joly Dental Care

Dr. Podilsky Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth loss is a common problem, and can be caused by any number of different factors.

Whether you have lost teeth due to a car accident, an injury on the job, or a periodontal disease like gingivitis, the result is a gap that will never naturally be filled by a replacement tooth. If you take no action to remedy this problem, you will spend the rest of your life dealing with speech impairments, difficulty chewing, and a smile that is just not as beautiful as it once was.

With the amazing advances that the medical field has seen, these difficulties can easily be eliminated with a one-time fix that will make you feel like you have your old teeth back again.


A dental implant is the perfect way to get your mouth functioning and looking well again. When you visit an Edmonton dental implants clinic, an expert will examine your teeth and talk with you about your options. During the procedure itself, he will anchor a post in the correct spot, then give it time to fuse with the surrounding bone and tissue. The last step is to mount a beautiful, lifelike tooth or bridge on the post. The process is certainly not as painful as most people think, and once the implant is in place, there’s nothing more for you to worry about.


A major reason to choose dental implants over removable dentures is the greatly reduced maintenance needs. An implant is permanent, and never needs to come out for cleaning or other purposes. If you’ve been avoiding dentures because you just don’t want to take the time to keep them in good shape, Edmonton dental implants are a great alternative.


If you live in Edmonton, dental implants are offered by a number of local high quality doctors with plenty of experience in the field. This solution is particularly flexible and is used to install crowns, dentures, bridges, and other prosthetic pieces. Using specialized computer software and highly precise cutting machines, a clinic can very quickly construct a prosthesis that is just right for you. So choose a local clinic and see how you can get your smile and your confidence back!

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