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Edmonton Dog Breeders

Guide to Dog Breeder's in Edmonton AB
...big dogs, little dogs, YOUR dog!

Looking for Edmonton dog breeders? We'll help you find the breeder and the dog that's a perfect match for you.

edmonton puppies for sale

Edmonton Dog Breeders

Below, you'll find a listing of dog breeders in Edmonton.

To help you find the breeder you're looking for, we've listed breeders alphabetically according to dog breed.

Before choosing a dog, make sure you learn a little about the dog's temperment - not just its appearance.

This will help you know whether or not that kind of dog is a good fit for you and your family BEFORE you buy!

Spend some time with the dogs before you buy to get to know the breed on a more experiential level. All the best as you search for your "new best friend."

Check out our Edmonton Dogs for Sale page for considerations before buying a dog.

Edmonton Dog Breeders by Breed

Airdale Terrier

Kennel: Nightsun
Yvan Mongeon
(780) 430-9667

Alaskan Klee Kai

Kennel: Nancy Pets
Nancy Brown
(780) 643-8853

American Cocker Spaniel

Kennel: Buttaflykiss
Vanessa Rogers
(780) 906-0506

Basset Hound

Cherlyn Legere
Website: Basset Rescue

Want to adopt a basset hound? All the bassets whose photos and stories are featured on the above website have been assessed in a foster family and have received needed treatment from a vet.
They come with full disclosure of any behavioral or health issues along with support from our dog trainer.
More volunteers and donations are welcome!


Kennel: Lexmark Beagles Reg'd
Clint Prystupa
(780) 662-2208

Kennel: Terwillegar Beagles, Perm. Reg,d.
Mrs. G. R. (Jane) Lloyd
(780) 430-6309


Kennel: Bimberg Boxers
Kat Hueggenberg
(780) 758-6640
Bimberg Boxers

Kennel: Summer Boxers (Reg'd)
Josie O'Reilly
(780) 438-0913

Brittany Spaniel

Kennel: Red Devil Reg'd
Fran and Joe Pownall
(780) 486-2908
Red Devil Reg'd

Cairn Terrier

Kennel: Beguiling Cairns
Irene Darius
(780) 430-8884

Kennel: Dalbeattie
Margaret Pringle
(780) 465-5167


Kennel: Andy's Premium Chihuahuas
Andrea Mitchell
(780) 461-9089

Kennel: Picasso Chihuahuas
Karin and Cheryl Daehn
(780) 433-8553
Picasso Chihuahuas

Kennel: Samajotos Chihuahuas
Sanny Mallari
(780) 481-3985

Kennel: Wittersham
Eugene Phoa
(780) 423-7130

French Bull Dogs

Kennel: Jambullie French Bulldogs
Barbara Jamieson
(780) 920-7078
Jambullie French Bulldogs

German Shepherd

Kennel: vonGestalt
Michelle Crawford
(780) 641-5506

Golden Retriever

Kennel: Taffy
Susan Whipps
(780) 457-7490

Gorden Setter

Kennel: Lochiel
Patricia Volney
(780) 988-5647

Great Dane

Kennel: Rockingdane
Sonia Bernett
(780) 481-0262


Kennel: Lathna Whippets & Greyhounds
Simon Geronimo & Annie Desjardins
(780) 760-8590


Kennel: Camilla Kennel
Margaret Miller
Riviere Qui Barre (Edmonton Area)
(780) 939-4375
Camilla Kennel

Kennel: Esenavah Havanese
Sandy MacDonald
(780) 478-8800
Esenavah Havanese

Japanese Spaniel

Kennel: Ladymagic
Margaret Zacher
(780) 450-0729


Kennel: Admiraal
Shannon de Bruin
(780) 955-7336

Labrador Retriever

Kennel: Beaumark Labradors
Dorothy Havrelock
(780) 469-5718

Kennel: Club Mead
Diana & Stuart Mead
(780) 986-3647

Kennel: Meadowhill
Mickey Weyenberg


Kennel: Linijen Maltese (Perm) Reg'd
Sylvia Pratt
(780) 456-7476


Kennel: TitanBear Kennels
Kim & Gary Haynes
(780) 921-2051


Kennel: Apsara
Rob Ballantyne
(780) 457-9601

Kennel: Ladymagic
Margaret Zacher
(780) 450-0729


Kennel: Viceroy
David Hennessey
(780) 455-4332


Kennel: Heavens Cuties
Angela Mannah
(780) 456-7787


Kennel: Windkist Kennels
Ann Tober
(780) 486-2199


Kennel: Majecal Reg'd Rottweilers
Heather Peters
(780) 483-4112
Majecal Reg'd Rottweilers


Kennel: Majekin Perm Reg'd
Diana Kinnear
(780) 474-7404

Shetland Sheepdog

Kennel: Ladymagic
Margaret Zacher
(780) 450-0729

Shih Tzu

Kennel: Beautiful Pups
Dawn Wickhorst
(780) 352-4944

Siberian Husky

Kennel: Articsun
Shannon de Bruin
(780) 955-7336

Soft-Coated Wheaton Terrier

Kennel: BumbleBeary's Reg'd
Cheryl Purpur
(780) 465-6926

Kennel: Nuthingbut
Larry & Eva O'Keefe
(780) 463-9441

Kennel: Sunnydaze Reg'd
Lisa & Joan Fleming
(780) 436-7330

Standard Poodle

Kennel: Topiary
Peggy Clarke
(780) 988-8488

Toy Poodle

Kennel: Rueshonn
Shonna Brynko
(780) 466-1421

Kennel: Sivams
Mavis & Harvey Dustow
(780) 452-4159


Kennel: Lathna Whippets & Greyhounds
Simon Geronimo & Annie Desjardins
(780) 760-8590

Kennel: Tarapaca Whippets
Alexis Shymanski & Jeremy Newell
(780) 456-3577

Yorkshire Terrier

Kennel: Little Yorkie Kiss
Deana M.
(780) 378-3314

Hopefully you find the dog of your dreams with the help of one of these Edmonton Dog Breeders.

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