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in Edmonton Puppies for Sale

Are you looking for Edmonton puppies for sale? Here are some important considerations you should think about before bringing your new bundle of joy home.

While he will certainly take work to maintain, the playful spirit of a puppy brings joy to every home. Cute and cuddly, they will steal your heart with their big eyes and fun-loving personalities.

And with parks all over the city, you could not have chosen a better place to bring your new pet than Edmonton.

Puppies for Sale

edmonton puppies for sale

If you are looking to buy a dog in Edmonton you will not have trouble finding one.

People all over the city sell puppies and they are often willing to part with them for reasonable prices.

eClassifieds 4U has a great site you can search to find your puppy. It provides a clear description and price complete with a "melt your heart" picture of each puppy.

Newspaper ads are another great place to look for Edmonton puppies for sale.

And if all else fails, watch for signs as you drive down the road. You may be surprised to find a nearby neighbor who has a litter looking for a home.

Breed Considerations

In Edmonton, puppies for sale come in just about every imaginable breed from Yorkies to Great Danes.

Thus, before you start looking it would be wise to decide on a few things:

  • Size.
  • If you're looking for a lap dog, a Black Lab won't work for you. They may seem small as puppies, but don't be fooled! They get much bigger.

  • Temperament.
  • Some dogs are high-energy by breeding. Terriers may look cute, but you may not think so at 2am.

  • Inside or Outside?
  • Consider your space. Larger dogs tend to need more room to run.

  • Purpose.
  • Are you looking for a guard dog? Or just a friend for your kids?

Knowing what you want before you start searching the market will help you make an educated decision.

Apartment Restrictions

If you are moving into a rental apartment there are some important considerations to keep in mind as you look at Edmonton puppies for sale.

  • No Pets Allowed.
  • Some complexes do not allow dogs at all.

  • Weight Requirements.
  • Many complexes that allow dogs have weight limits. 20 pounds is common.

  • Pet Deposit.
  • Every dog you bring to your apartment home will require a non-refundable pet deposit. These deposits are generally not incredibly expensive and are often charged per pet.

  • Pet Rent.
  • Whoever thought that pets would have to pay rent? These days many complexes charge a monthly "pet rent" fee.

Despite all obstacles, dogs really are "man's best friend."

Decide exactly what type of puppy you want, and enjoy your search. The perfect puppy is out there waiting for you!

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