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in Edmonton Vehicles: New and Used

Looking for Edmonton vehicles? Whether it's used or new that you're looking for, we have the resources you need to find what you've been dreaming for!

Types of Vehicles

edmonton vehicles

There are many different types of vehicles available in this large city. To find more information on where to find the type of vehicle you're looking for, choose from the list below.

Parts and Accessories

Insurance and Services

Buying a Vehicle

Buy a New or Used Vehicle?

After you decide what type of vehicle you would like to buy, you also have to determine whether you want to buy a new or used vehicle.

There are advantages and disadvantages for both new and used vehicles.

Buying a Used Vehicle

Their advantages to buying a used vehicle besides the fact that it naturally costs less than a new vehicle.

Some of these pros include:

  • Most value for your money: When you buy used, you can get a larger car with more features for the same amount of money that it would take to buy a smaller new car with less features.
  • More types of vehicles in your price range: Because used vehicles cost less than new ones, when you buy used, you will be able to afford vehicles, such as SUVs you never thought you could afford.
  • Warranty: Some, although not all, vehicles have warranties that will transfer to the second owner for no extra cost.
However, despite these advantages, there are some disadvantages to buying used. One problem with buying a used vehicile is that you don't know how well the previous owner took care of the car. Was the car given regular maintenance? Did the car do a lot of city driving?

Another disadvange is that a used car will probably need maintenance done sooner than a new car would - maintenance that is most likely not covered under a warranty.

Buying a New Vehicle

There are advantages to buying a new vehicle beyond just the pride of putting the keys into a brand new, never-been-used, shiny vehicle.

Some of the pros for buying new include:

  • Minimal Maintenance: Most likely your new vehicle won't be tied up in the shop as often and shouldn't require as big of repairs as a used car would
  • Warranty: When you buy new, your vehicle will most likely be covered for several years under the manufacturer's warranty, saving you money if anything were to go wrong with your new vehicle.
  • Never Owned: When you buy new, you don't have to worry about how well the previous owner took care of the vehicle.
However, despite these advantages, there are some cons to buying new. One disadvange is that the price of the car is marked up due to the fact that it is new. As soon as you drive the car off the lot, the price value of your car goes down drastically.

Hope that helps you with your search for Edmonton vehicles.

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