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Emergency Dental Edmonton


Are you wondering if there are some good emergency dental Edmonton facilities near you? The city has many outstanding dental clinics ready to hear from you and help you recover your good dental health.


Emergency Dental Office Locations

Emergency Dental Edmonton

There are many offices that offer Emergency Dental Services in Edmonton, Alberta.

University of Alberta Dental Clinic

Dental Choice

Millbourne Mall Dental

Dr. Sharun Dentistry

We've used the U of A's after-hour Dental Clinic when our toddler fell and hurt his tooth. We were very pleased with their service.

We all hope that we will never need to find out what kind of emergency dental Edmonton can offer. We often take the good condition of our teeth for granted, assuming that they will be in good shape when we need them. But it doesn’t take much of an injury to remind us that our teeth are important, delicate pieces of our body’s functioning and they are vulnerable to damage.


Dental Emergencies

Many different incidents can lead to a chipped or broken tooth, damage to the gums that anchor the teeth in place, or other trauma inside the mouth. Any of these injuries is extremely painful, and the interior of the tooth becomes very sensitive when exposed to the air. It is nearly impossible to carry on with normal life while dealing with a recent tooth injury, and immediate dental care is the only way to get relief. Fortunately, many facilities accommodate walk-in customers, even if they aren’t regular clients and don’t have an appointment. Some offices even offer 24-hour service in case a dental injury requires attention outside normal business operating hours.


You never know when you will need a highly trained doctor to provide you with emergency dental. Edmonton is home to many clinics that offer service any time of day, with no appointment necessary. Instead of waiting all weekend to visit your regular dentist Monday morning, or spending a night in pain from a broken tooth, just walk in to an emergency dental clinic and get the immediate help you need. A friendly, caring staff will understand your need and do all they can to minimize the long-term damage and get your pain down to a manageable level.


An office that provides emergency service will give you a temporary solution to relieve your pain and stabilize the condition of your injury until you are able to visit your regular dentist for a more thorough evaluation. Whether you are from out of town and can’t get home quickly enough for care; don’t have a regular dentist and need time to find one; or simply have to get a good night of sleep in spite of a chipped tooth, emergency dental Edmonton offices are a quick, convenient way to reduce the pain and get back to life as normal.

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