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Galaxyland Pictures

Ready for some Galaxyland pictures? Here are some to pics to help you know what the park is all about...after a couple of these - you'll probably want to pay the park a visit!

Oh, and if you want some info on the park you can check out our Galaxyland info page.


Welcome to the West Edmonton Mall Amusement Park - Galaxyland!

Galaxyland Cosmo

The Galaxyland mascot is Cosmo - a cheerful and friendly sort of guy.

Galaxyland amusement park

Galaxyland's cool decor that gives it the space village type atmosphere.

Galaxyland hours

Amusement park decor - a tree. I love the way they've painted everything - it really does look like you've entered another world when you walk inside the park.

Galaxyland Edmonton

Galaxyland Edmonton ride - the dragon wagon.

Galaxyland Edmonton Mall

Riding on the train in Galaxyland through the dark tunnel and past a "space village."

Galaxyland train

The happy star in the dark tunnel during the train ride through the amusement park.

Galaxyland pictures

Beginner ride for kids - they get to sit in the vehicle of their choice and ride around merry-go-round style.

Galaxyland mindbender

by Qyd
The Mindbender is the park's big attractions. It is the longest indoor triple loop roller coaster in the world.

Galaxyland longest roller coaster

Roller coaster at the amusement park.

Galaxyland Mindbender Ride

Yes, more pictures roller coaster pictures.

Galaxyland rides

by Qyd
The Balloon Race - a ferris wheel type ride in which you get to ride in "hot air balloons." In front of the Balloon Race, you can see the Cosmic Bounce - a tame version of the Space shot - in which passengers ride to the top of the tower and then are quickly dropped towards the ground.

Galaxyland ride

by Qyd
The Flying Galleon - a Spanish style ship that swings back and forth.

Galaxyland prices

by Qyd
The Space Shot - one of those rides that sends you hurdling up high in the sky and then quickly plummeting you back to earth.

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