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Your Guide to the West Ed Amusement Park
Fun for all ages!

Galaxyland is known as the world's largest indoor amusement park and a trip to this exciting place will not leave you without things to do.

Located within the West Edmonton Mall, this land of adventure has everything from the Mindbender - one of the world's largest and longest indoor roller coasters - to fun rides for small children to enjoy.

So get ready, let's take a virtual tour to get you prepped for your visit to this place of fun.

We'll walk you through the rides, hours, prices, and more.


Where will you find the park? It's in the Phase 2 section of the West Edmonton Mall. It's located by the food court (Phase 2). You can get inside either directly through the mall or through an outside entrance. The nearest mall entrance to the park is Entrance 12.

If you'd like to see some Galaxyland Pictures, you can check some of our pics.

Galaxyland Rides

Beginner Rides

35th Aero Squadron: World War I planes that spin carousel-like but fly up and down by the child's control as the ride spins.

Balloon Race: Another one of my kids' favorites - it's a ferris wheel with seats that you sit in that are shaped like hot air balloons.

Carousel: This is your classic merry-go-round with carnival horses that go up and down to the sound of carnival music.

Galaxy Kids Playpark: A play area with slides, tunnels, and balls to wade through.

Raceway: Go-karts (slower) that are driven around a racetrack.

Kiddie Convoy: This is my kids' personal favorite - they are vehicles - anything from sports cars, to fire trucks to helicopters that go around in a circle merry-go-round style.

Motojump: Kids get to sit on mini dirt bikes and ATV's. The ride is like a merry-go-round - but the bikes go over small "jumps" and "bumps."

Space Bump: Cars for kids to drive and bump into each other.

Galaxyland rides

by Qyd

Intermediate Rides

Autosled: This is a small roller coaster, but it has some sharp turns and pretty good speeds.

Cosmic Bounce: A smaller and gentler version of Space Shot, passengers are shot up into the air and then come back down again.

Cosmic Spinner: This ride is like the classic tilt-a-whirl ride except the saucers are spinning UFO's.

Flying Galleon: This ride is a large Spanish style ship that swings back and forth.

Galaxyland Express: Another of the kids' favorites, this is a train ride that tours through Galaxyland - it is slow, so it's not a thriller, but it's an easy way to tour though all of the amusement park - and any one can ride this ride - there are no restrictions on height or age.

Quirks in the Works: Your job is to zap as many "quirks" as you can in the dark. The "quirks" have taken over a crashed spaceship.

TurboRide Theatre: For those that like 3D movie theatre theatres - this is a fun treat complete with full motion seats and a 3 story high screen.

Advanced Rides

Cosmo's Space Derby: These are 2 seater bumper cars for adults.

Galaxy Orbiter: This is a spinning roller coaster and the second longest roller coaster at the park.

Mindbender: This is the "world's largest indoor high speed, triple loop roller coaster." Get ready for some high speeds and lots of twisty excitement!

Solar Flare: In this ride, you circle the sun, spinning and turning as you go. You can control your spins and turns.

Sonic Twister: This twisting ride spins in circles as it also swings back and forth.

Space Shot: This ride sends passengers about 37 meters (120 feet) up in the air and then pushes the riders back to earth.

Swing of the Century: The classic fair giant swing with individual swings that move in a circular motion.

Galaxyland prices

by Qyd

Galaxyland Prices

Cost to enter Galaxyland varies according to several different factors

  • Age
  • For instance, children under 2 years old get in can be sure that we made one final trip to Galaxyland before our toddler had that 3rd birthday!
    Seniors get a discounted price as well.

  • Height
  • Those under 48 inches tall receive a discounted price on admission.

  • Time of Day
  • If you come just for the last 3 hours of the day prior to closing - you will be admitted for a discounted price.

  • Ride just a few rides
  • If you plan not to spend the entire day at the park, you can choose just to purchase tickets. These tickets will allow you to ride the rides of your choice.
You can view the most current prices here.

Galaxyland Hours

The amusement park's hours of operation vary depending on the day. You can check out the hours for the day that you would like to visit.

Galaxyland amusement park

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