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GPS Edmonton

GPS Edmonton.

If you're even just slightly "navigationally challenged" a GPS system is a good idea in this city.

Juggling a map has thankfully become a thing of the past - at least for a lot of people.

Since our family is one of the many who frequently find themselves getting lost, we joined the ranks of the GPS owners and have found driving and navigating a lot more peaceful and enjoyable!

Edmonton GPS

gps edmonton With a good GPS system, Edmonton can be easily navigated.

Edmonton is a large city, covering hundreds of square kilometers. To add to the navigating confusion, this city hosts a population of over a million people.

The city is full of sights to see, places to shop, and areas to explore.

With all those places to go, constantly searching for directions can be tiring. A good GPS is valuable in Edmonton.

What is GPS?

GPS is an abbreviation for Global Positioning System. It was originally invented for the army, but has been available for civilian use since the 1980s.

Multiple GPS satellites orbit the earth, sending signals out at regular intervals. As long as the GPS receiver is getting signals from at least four satellites, it can use these signals to calculate its position in relation to that of the satellites.

GPS receivers are generally accurate within 10 meters or if the system includes a local transmitter on earth, within 1 meter.

Handheld GPS receivers are available for reasonable prices. These devices usually work with downloadable maps.

The GPS device locates your position on the map, along with the direction and speed at which you are traveling.

Most devices also allow you to program in a destination, and will then provide directions as you travel.

Using GPS in Edmonton

If you plan to navigate the city using GPS, Edmonton maps on your GPS device will be important.

You can download GPS compatible road maps and park maps from a variety of websites.

Some devices with internet access can download GPS maps while travelling. There may be a roaming charge, however, for using such devices outside of their usual range. It is advisable therefore, if you are planning to travel to Edmonton, to download offline GPS Edmonton maps prior to traveling. If you do so, be sure that the download includes maps of park trails and surrounding areas you might visit.

City driving requires a lot of attention, not allowing for time to stop and examine a map, even one on your handheld GPS device.

In Edmonton, therefore, a talking GPS device that can provide verbal directions to a destination would be particularly helpful.

With a handheld navigation system, you have the freedom to explore unknown areas without getting lost, find a restaurant or bank on a minute's notice, and travel to any destination with confidence.

Using GPS, Edmonton you can confidently enjoy exploring Edmonton.

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