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Harvey's Edmonton

Harveys Edmonton - there're several locations...and if you're looking for fast food, the food's pretty good.

Harveys Edmonton


10350 - 34TH AVE.
Phone Number: 780-439-4445

10358 - 109TH ST.
Phone Number: 780-497-7557

13360-137 AVE./ Home Depot
Phone Number: 780-457-9543

17004 - 107TH AVE.
Phone Number: 780-484-7212

2020-101 ST. N.W./ Home Depot
Phone Number: 403-436-3648

5008 97TH ST.
Phone Number: 780-438-5995

6725 104TH ST./ Home Depot
Phone Number: 780-432-3390

Edmonton International Airport
Phone Number: 780-890-7177

West Edmonton Mall, Store #1534 8770 - 170TH ST.
Phone Number: 780-444-1765

Overall Rating: 4 star

Go Again? Yup! For a fast food store they're great - I like the fact that I can "build my own hamburger." And, well, I could eat their onion rings every day without getting tired of them, I think!

Food Served: Fast Food

Harveys Edmonton locations

Harveys Edmonton Review

It was time for another date...and yes, I chose a fast food store!

Why? Well, since we just moved here from out of the country - I had forgotten about my favourite fast food store from when I was growing up in Canada. Then, one day - as we were driving around Edmonton - I noticed a Harvey's outside my window.

I did a double take - and told my husband that he needed to try Harvey's.

So, when the next opportunity came for us to go out - I immediately chose Harvey's.

We typed Harvey's into our GPS and dutifully followed the directions to the closest location.

When we arrived there - we discovered that this Harvey's was located inside a Home Depot - wait 'til I tell all my friends we ate at a Home Depot on our latest date =O)

We went inside and as expected, the seating wasn't anything too exciting - just a row of tables and chairs along the front window of the store.

Despite the more masculine atmosphere, we had come for the food - and it was good.

We ordered an Original Burger and of course some of Harvey's onion rings.

Harveys Edmonton

We got to "build our own burger" kinda like at Subway where you get to choose the things that you want to go inside your sub.

I added everything on my burger - which, if I remember correctly - included ketchup, mustard, onions, tomatoes, relish, lettuce, and hot peppers (banana peppers).

I was a little disappointed that they didn't have jalapeno peppers as an option - but maybe they have more options at their other locations.

Then, of course, we had their onion rings. I remember loving them as a kid - and as soon as I tried them, I knew that my love for Harvey's Onion Rings had not waned. They were delicious.

So, now that we've broken the ice, the next time that I go to Home Depot - I'll be very tempted to at least stop off at Harvey's Edmonton for their onion rings...but hopefully that was the last time that we go to Home Depot on a date!

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