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Ikea Restaurant Edmonton

Ikea Restaurant Edmonton is a great place to go out to eat for several reasons - let me tell you why.

Ikea Restaurant Edmonton

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1311 102 Street NW
Phone Number: (780) 433-6000

Overall Rating: 4 star

Go Again? Yes! Most definitely! Good, cheap, and clean. Only thing I'd change - is the atmosphere is nice, but there's not much decor - but, hey - what do you expect.

Food Served: Traditional, Family Restaurant

Ikea Restaurant Edmonton

We received a flyer in the mail from Ikea - saying "Kids eat free." Since my friend and I had been meaning to check out Ikea to help me as we move into our new house - and since we have 5 kids between the 2 of us - this was a no brainer...we were going to check out the Ikea Restaurant Edmonton.

I was so glad we did.

We got to the Ikea restaurant a little before noon. It was fairly busy - but they had a pretty good system of keeping the line moving - so we didn't have to wait that long to get our food.

You have to walk through a line to get your food cafeteria style.

Thankfully, they have carts that you can put multiple trays on - so if you're by yourself with a bunch of kids you don't have to get a degree in juggling before carrying all your food back to your table.

After getting a cart and trays, you walk past all the available options, they offer a whole variety of food to choose from - sandwiches, soup, macaroni and cheese, meatballs, roasted chicken, fish and chips...and the best part is - it's all very inexpensive.

Ikea Restaurant

I choose pasta with marinara sauce and one of my kids got mac and cheese and the other got fish and chips. Since the kids ate free - I fed us all for $2 - where else can you do that? I was pleased with the price - but how good would the food be?

We found a seat in the Ikea dining area - which is a large open area with large windows all around. For seating, you can choose from large round tables, to small tables, to "bar" type seating. There is a children's eating area in the center of the dining room where children can eat at little chairs and watch a cartoon on TV.

The dining area has the feel of a large open marketplace - not the most intimate - and it won't win any prizes for interior design - but it worked.

The food was delicious. The pasta had just the right amount of sauce and was cooked perfectly - not too hard, not to soft.

The kids couldn't finish their meals - so I got to try them out too.

The mac and cheese was good - very creamy and cheesy - had a lot of cheese sauce on it...some people say that's good - other's don't like that - I'll let you be the judge.

Ikea Restaurant Edmonton location

The fish and chips were great. The fries were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside - yum! The fish was the same - crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. It came with a lemon wedge to squeeze over the fish - and when I did - I was thankful my little one couldn't finish the meal so that I could enjoy a little!

So why is Ikea Restaurant Edmonton a great place to eat?

Great prices - get a lot of meal for a small price.

If you need something for your home, you can combine shopping with dining at the same place.

Ikea is kid-friendly, although we didn't use it - they had the kid's dining area and I hear they also have a place where you can drop off you kids so that they can play in a safe environment while you shop (or I guess eat too). Very cool.

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