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Mary Brown's Edmonton

Mary Brown's Edmonton is a restaurant that serves up delicious fried chicken and taters.

Location: There are several Mary Brown's Locations in Edmonton, Alberta.

Belmont Town Centre 13508 Victoria Trail

Millcreek Plaza 4004 = 50th Street

Mill Woods Town Centre 2331 - 66th Street

1042 - 91 ST SW

Overall Rating: 5 star

Go Again? Definitely - I really enjoyed the meal - fried chicken and taters done to perfection - better even than - do I dare say it - KFC.

Food Served: Chicken, Family Restaurant

mary browns Edmonton

Mary Brown's Edmonton Review

It was Sunday...Sunday lunch is probably always one of the most difficult meals of the week - we get home from a wonderful morning at church - it's lunchtime and we're hungry.

Of course, the kids are ready to eat quickly and go down for a nap and after having such a great morning - we're ready to enjoy an equally refreshing and filling lunch.

So one Sunday, rather than getting out the crockpot - we decided to let Mary Brown's do the cooking...and we got take out.

mary browns Edmonton

We ordered their famous chicken and taters, of course! And we also tried some of their cold macaroni salad.

We arrived home with the food smelling absolutely delicious - and then we dug in.

The chicken was wonderful. Perfectly seasoned with that great fried chicken taste - but it was not soggy or dripping with oil. It was nice and crisp.

Then I tried the potatoes. Yum! They're small, thick potato wedges, seasoned and fried - crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

The gravy they provided for the potatoes and chicken blended flavors with the meal deliciously and added to the experience.

My husband chose to eat the potato wedges with ketchup and enjoyed them served this way as well.

The macaroni salad was pretty good - but I don't think I'll ever rave about macaroni salad - because in general it's just not one of my favourite dishes.

All in all it was an enjoyable meal - and although I never thought another restaurant could make southern fried chicken like KFC - I think I enjoy Mary Brown's just a little bit more than the classic Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Sad to say - in all the enjoyment of the meal - I did not get any pictures. But the ones on this page I just grabbed from their website so that you can enjoy a feast for your eyes!

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