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Millcreek Pizza Edmonton

Millcreek Pizza Edmonton is a locally owned and operated pizza shop. Although not a flashy or fancy shop, this restaurant serves good pizza and even offers pizza delivery.

Millcreek Pizza (Southeast - 43 Ave/33 St) on Urbanspoon

Millcreek Pizza Edmonton


3313 43 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6T

Phone Number: (780) 466-0123

Overall Rating: 4 star

Go Again? I think so. The pizza was good and it wasn't extremely greasy - yay!...but then again - since that's the case - the pizza wasn't extremely cheesy or goey either...

Food Served: Pizza

Millcreek Pizza Edmonton Review

It was my birthday. Hubby said - you don't have to cook, you don't have to do dishes - I'll take care of dinner.

Of course that doesn't necessarily mean he's cooking and cleaning...instead - he decided to get pizza.

We were debating on which pizza place to go to. We had coupons for a popular chain restaurant, we wanted to buy local - not from one of the big chains - but from one of Edmonton's locally owned and operated mom and pop shops.

So, Millcreek Pizza Edmonton was the choice of the day.

Millcreek Pizza is not a flashy, fancy store, in fact there's nothing that makes it stand out in the little plaza where it's located.

It just has a white sign with red lettering.

Their boxes are nothing flashy either - just a box with their name stamped on it - but who says it has to be more elaborate? It did a good job carrying the pizza and I like buying local.

Millcreek Pizza

We decided on just a plain sausage pizza, but they offer a lot of different kinds of gourmet pizza.

They have a selection of gourmet vegetarian, gourmet chicken, and gourmet meat pizzas. They also have chicken wings.

Some pizzas that I'd like to try are the Hot n Spicy Veggie (complete with hot sauce, banana peppers, jalapenos, and some other vegetables!), the Donair Feast (a pizza with roasted garlic sauce, onion, bell peper, and donair chicken), and the House Special (with everything - boy, that sounds exciting).

Millcreek Pizza Edmonton Review

Millcreek Pizza Edmonton Locations

So how was the pizza? Did we like it?

It was good pizza - it wasn't my favorite pizza - but it definitely wasn't bad either.

I think it depends on what kind of mood you're in. If you're going for taste, don't care about the health factor, and you're looking for a really cheesy, greasy, goo-ey pizza - then this is not the place for you.

If you want a good pizza with a little less goo and grease - then I think you'll really enjoy the pizza at Millcreek Pizza. They pull of a good tasting pizza without all the goo.

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