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Mini Edmonton

MINI Edmonton. In this large city, we'll cut your searching for a MINI down to a minium.

Let's look at your options.

With so many people living in Edmonton, thousands of people are searching for new or used cars in the city.

This city has numerous dealerships ranging from American brands like Ford and Chevrolet to Japanese brands like Suzuki and Mitsubishi.

There is even a dealerships that specializes in Mini Cooper brands. Check out our Edmonton MINI Dealerships listing.

MINI Models

mini edmonton At MINI Edmonton, located at 7450 Roper Road, Edmonton, AB, you can choose from the following models: MINI, MINI Convertible, MINI Clubman, MINI John Cooper Works.

  • MINI has the MINI Cooper Classic, MINI Cooper, and MINI Cooper S brands (ranging from 118 hp – 172 hp).
  • MINI Convertible includes the MINI Cooper Convertible (118 hp) and MINI Cooper Convertible S brands (172 hp).
  • The MINI Clubman has the MINI Cooper Clubman (118 hp) and MINI Cooper S Clubman (172 hp).
  • MINI John Cooper Works includes the MINI John Cooper Works (208 hp), MINI John Cooper Works Clubman (208 hp), and MINI John Cooper Works Convertible (208 hp). These are the most expensive of the MINI models.

MINI Edmonton Financial Options

At this dealership, you can choose to either finance or lease a car. For financing, you can choose standard or OwnersChoice finance.

With standard finance, you to pay an initial sum, write a contract for a given length of time, and determine monthly payments from there.

OwnersChoice finance gives you some more flexibility with lower monthly payments. Just before your contract ends, you then pay a predetermined lump sum to close your contract.

If you prefer to lease a MINI instead, you have several options.

First, you can choose a standard lease that lets you drive the car under warranty with a broad scope of contract agreements.

You could also choose a multiple security deposit lease. With this lease, you can make nine refundable, non-taxable deposits. Each time you add a deposit, your interest will depreciate by 0.1%.

A third available lease is the single payment lease. Rather than monthly payments, you cover the lease with one payment.

Special Features

MINI Edmonton offers several convenient features when buying and maintaining your car.

One of these, MINI Match, guides you to your desired car. With a display of the models, transmissions, body colors, prices, and ages, you can refine your search to the exact car you want.

Another feature, MINI Next, has certified pre-owned cars. These cars have a 3 day/300 km exchange option. They are also covered under the Protection Plan for 6 years and 160,000 km.

Once you purchase a car, MINI’s roadside service will keep your car running smoothly. For four years, MINI will offer any assistance needed.

Also, any defective car part will be covered by their 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

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