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Move Edmonton

A move to Edmonton is an exciting yet dauting prospect, let us help you as you relocate. We did it. Now it's your turn!

Moving is such a big task - the worst feeling always is - am I forgetting anything? What do I have to do?

That's what I was worried about when we moved. So I created a Moving Checklist to help your move Edmonton be a little simpler.

I've tried to be as exhaustive as possible, but you may have to add a few items to suit your situation. Use this like a guide...and remember, it'll soon be over and you'll be in Edmonton!

move Edmonton


  • Before beginning the moving process, designate a place where you will keep track of all moving receipts and other important moving information.
  • Sometimes you can claim tax deductions for moving expenses, you may want to check into this.
  • Create a budget for your moving expenses and collect estimates from various moving services.
  • To pack you'll need packing paper, bubble wrap, boxes, marking pens, duct tape and possibly twine.
  • Get insurance your personal belongings.
  • Before leaving your residence, don't forget to leave your keys in the designated spot.
  • Leave a note with your new address in the house so mail can be forwarded to you if needed.
  • It's a good idea to give your new phone number and another contact number to your moving company.

Contact and Notify Before You Move

Post Office

  • File a change of address form at the Postal Service.


  • Collect medical records, dental records, prescription records, and shot records.
  • If possible, have your present doctor refer you to another doctor in Edmonton.
  • Notify dentist, and if possible have dentist refer you ton an Edmonton dentist.


  • As needed, obtain legal records and financial records.
  • Transfer funds from your bank to an Edmonton bank and close accounts as needed.
  • Remove items from safety deposit boxes.
  • Let credit companies know you are moving.


  • Contact your insurance companies to see if they will cover you during and after your move to Edmonton.


  • Notify Vehicle registration and licensing agency.

Home Services

  • Give utility companies a "stop date" to discontinue service your current residence.
  • Before you leave have all utility meters read.
  • Notify current water company about your move Edmonton.
  • Notify current electric company about your move.
  • Notify current gas/oil company about your move.
  • Notify current telephone company about your move.
  • Notify current cell phone company about your move.
  • Notify current internet supplier about your move.
  • Notify current cable/satelite company about your move.
  • Notify current landscaping services about your move.
  • Notify current housecleaning service about your move.
  • Notify current alarm service about your move.

Clubs and Subscriptions

  • If you are apart of any clubs or have a membership anywhere, look into moving, selling, or stopping your membership.
  • Cancel your newspaper subscription.
  • Cancel or change your magazine, catalogue, book, or music subscription.


  • Have your kids' school records transferred to the school they'll be attending in Edmonton.


  • Notify Veterinarian.
  • Get a copy of immunization records.
  • Transfer veterinary records.
  • Transfer Pet's licenses.
  • Make travel arrangements for your pets.

In Edmonton

  • Give friends and family your new address and phone number.
  • Check to make sure that your mail is coming to your new address.
  • Pick up any held mail at the post office.
  • Get a new driver's license and new tags for your vehicle.
  • If needed, find storage units to store your goods.
  • Have your utilities connected or meters read.

  • Notify new Gas/Oil company in Edmonton.
  • Notify new Electric company in Edmonton.
  • Find a new Telephone company in Edmonton.
  • Find a new Internet Supplier in Edmonton.
  • Find a new Cable/Satelite company in Edmonton.
  • Contact an Edmonton paper for your subscription.
  • Register to vote.

Move From Outside Canada

  • Make sure you have your Passport(s).
  • Make sure you have visa and any other necessary paperwork.
  • Make sure you have your automobile registration.
  • If you have any pets, make sure you have veterinary records.

Hopefully, this helps organize your brain a little more for your move Edmonton. We hope it gives you an action plan to make the relocation more smooth.

All the best!

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