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Pizza Hut Edmonton AB

Pizza Hut Edmonton AB is one of the most popular places in Edmonton to get pizza. With locations throughout the city and a good pizza delivery service, it's no wonder they are so popular.

pizza hut Edmonton locations


Beaumaris - 97 St/153 Ave

Beverly - 34 St/118 Ave

Callingwood - 69 Ave/172 St

Castledowns - 124 St/137 Ave

Clairview - 50 St/133 Ave

Delwood - 131 Ave/82 St

Downtown - 104 Ave/115 St

Heritage - Saddleback Rd/23 Ave

Holyrood - 90 Ave/75 St

Meadowlark Shopping Centre - 156 St/187 Ave

Millcreek - 40 Ave/50 St

Millwoods - 66 St/28 Ave

Riverbend - 147 St/40 Ave

Southgate Centre - 11011 51 Ave NW (Pizza Hut Express)
Phone Number: (780) 430-6121

Terra Losa - 100 Ave/178 St

University - 82 Ave/108 St

Westmount - 133 St/114 Ave

Phone Number: (780) 310-1010

Overall Rating: 4 star

Go Again? Yes, I love Pizza Hut pizza - it's goo-ey and cheesy. It's a chain you can depend on if you don't want to try something new.

Food Served: Pizza

Pizza Hut (124 St/137 Ave - Castledowns) on Urbanspoon

pizza hut Edmonton

Pizza Hut Edmonton Review

We had gotten a bunch of people together to help us with a project - and it just so happened that the project was around dinner time. We wanted to provide them dinner - so we chose pizza.

Nice and easy and who doesn't like pizza?

We had about 10-12 people there - so we ordered 2 Panormous Pizzas. After walking out the door with my pizza - I looked inside the box - the Panormous pizza was not that enormous after all.

Uh, oh! It didn't look like we were going to have enough.

I tried to see if I could order an extra pizza - but that would take them about another 15 minutes to make. I didn't have that kind of time - so I just hoped for the best.

I took the pizza back to where we were working - only to find that more people had shown up! Not good.

I was about to leave to try to go scrounge some food from the grocery store - when I was told not to bother..."they weren't that hungry."

So we finished our work and dug in. The pizza was good - full of flavor, cheese, and goo-ey-ness!

Everyone had to be polite and share - so thankfully it worked out.

Conclusion: Pizza Hut Edmonton has great pizza - flavor great, perfectly topped, and crust good (not cardboard like some places).

However, it's almost like they've done some false advertising on the Panormous Pizza. It definitely doesn't feed 8-10 people like they claim. If it did - we would have had no problems.

The Panormous probably is just about the same size as the Large - it's just rectangular in shape and the pizza is cut in smaller the illusion that it will feed more - but nope!

Just to be sure that my friends and I weren't pizza eating monsters, I googled this and this is definitely the general conclusion about the Panormous...just wish I had googled it before I bought the pizza!

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