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Rick and Alice's Grill Edmonton

Rick and Alice's Grill is an Edmonton family restaurant with delicious food and friendly service that is sure to satisfy.


7106 109 St. Edmonton, AB T6G 1B8

Phone Number: (780) 413-9606

rick and alice's grill

Hours: Sunday 8-3
Monday 8-3
Tuesday 8-8
Wednesday 8-8
Thursday 8-8
Friday 8-8
Saturday 8-8

Overall Rating: 4 star out of 5 stars

Go Again? Already have! Very good food.

Food Served: Family Restaurant

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Rick and Alice's Grill Edmonton Review

We are on a quest to find authentic home cooking in the Edmonton area.

rick and alice's grill edmonton

Fresh ingredients, tasty recipes and signature dishes carefully prepared, all meet the criteria for giving a restaurant a try.

Because we are still fairly new to the Edmonton area we decided to ask some life-long Edmontonians for their home-cooking restaurant suggestions. Rick and Alice's Grill was quickly recommended to us.

Rick and Alice's Grill is a fairly nondescript restaurant from the outside and pretty plain on the inside. We were hoping the food would be more spectacular than the setting, and we were not disappointed.

Alice herself cheerfully greeted us and promptly brought us ice water and menus.

rick and alice's edmonton

There were several other tables of diners enjoying a late lunch. Most were retirees but there was a couple with a child and my husband and I along with our teenage daughter rounded out that group.

A standard breakfast special is available from 8 - 11 am at Rick and Alice's Grill.

Lunch specials change every day and are advertised on a white board near the entrance of the restaurant. Homemade soup of the day is also available.

After some deliberation my husband selected the Bacon & Eggs breakfast which came with pan fried potatoes, toast, and an orange slice garnish.

rick and alice's

Breakfast isn't breakfast without coffee and Rick & Alice's coffee was very good. The eggs were served exactly as ordered along with four rashers of deliciously smoky bacon. The toast was nicely browned accompanied by the standard jams and jellies. The fresh pan fried potatoes came nicely browned and lightly seasoned.

I do not care for cold sandwiches so I opted for the Garneau Chicken Grill, a grilled chicken breast, sauteed fresh mushroom slices and melted mozzarella served on a whole grain Kaiser bun with lettuce and tomato. Very, very tasty!

A watermelon garnish and dill pickle added a nice touch.

rick and alice's restaurant

The sandwiches and burgers are served with salad or fries. Regular fries are rarely enjoyed by moi and sweet potato fries were not available, so I decided to try the homemade potato salad. The yellowy scoop was bursting with flavor. My foods and nutrition background helped me snoop out potato, egg, onion, mayonnaise, mustard, carrot bits, celery and pickles in the salad. This pleasantly flavorful combination was blended together in the right proportions and lightly seasoned, making this potato salad worth coming back for.

Our daughter decided on the Roast Chicken Sandwich with a side salad.

rick and alice's grill hours

This was not a lunchmeat sandwich but thickly sliced chicken breast meat served on multigrain bread with cucumber, tomato, and lettuce. The mixed greens side salad came with homemade house vinaigrette dressing on the side. Our daughter does not like "fake food" and was very pleased with the real food served at Rick and Alice's Grill.

Rick and Alice's Grill Menu

Rick & Alice's Edmonton has a breakfast/lunch menu and a dinner menu.

Breakfast choices include the Mixed Grill (with bacon, ham and sausage,) Omelets, Pancakes and Eggs with breakfast meat, Fruit, Yogurt and Bagel, and more.

Lunch sandwiches include the Signature Chicken Melt, Steak Sandwich, Hot Turkey Sandwich, Beef Dip, and Monte Cristo along with several Beef Burgers and a Bison Burger among other choices.

At dinner you can order Asian specialities (Rick and Alice are originally from Hong Kong,) pasta, steaks, and burgers. Appetizers are also available in the evening.

The first time we stopped by Rick and Alice's a Warburg (Hutterite) Colony truck delivered eggs and chicken to the restaurant while we were eating. Several patrons left their seats to head outside and buy fresh eggs from the truck. Wish we'd thought of that!

We appreciated the very prompt and friendly service and the quality of the food served. I think we'll head back to Rick and Alice's Restaurant soon!

Reviewed 7/23/11

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