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Swiss Chalet Edmonton

Swiss Chalet Edmonton is a classic Canadian restaurant serving traditional homestyle food.

swiss chalet edmonton

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Locations: 10010 132ND AVE., T5E 0Y5
Delivery Number: 1-866-439-0439
Phone Number: 780-478-3714

10188 - 109TH STREET, T5J1M7
Delivery Number: 1-866-439-0439
Phone Number: 780-421-8112

13720 50TH STREET NW, T5A5J6
Delivery Number: 1-866-439-0439
Phone Number: 780-944-2761

17008 107TH AVE., T5S1E6
Delivery Number: 1-866-439-0439
Phone Number: 780-484-7664

2203 99TH ST., T6N1J7
Delivery Number: 1-866-439-0439
Phone Number: 780-988-2233

4004 17 ST NW, T6T0C1
Delivery Number: 1-866-439-0439
Phone Number: 780-485-6531

5020 97TH ST., T6E5S1
Delivery Number: 1-866-439-0439
Phone Number: 780-434-9672

Overall Rating: 4 star

Go Again? Probably. Pretty good food...but it's just traditional food - nothing too exciting - but it's made well.

Food Served: Traditional Canadian

Swiss Chalet Edmonton Review

We had recently met a dear, elderly couple here in Edmonton.

They had the bravery and kindness to ask our family out for dinner...but I thought they would think it a little odd if I started taking pictures of our food - so I refrained and found some pics on the Swiss

Their restaurant of choice was Swiss Chalet. So with two little kids in tow we all went to try out this Edmonton restaurant.

Since we had just moved here from out of country - this was my husband's first experience with Swiss Chalet - but for me it brought back many memories.

When I was in elementary school we often went out to Swiss Chalet and my sister and I always had their ribs. I was excited to dine here again.

We walked into Swiss Chalet Edmonton and I was pleasantly pleased with the clean dining area the happy, cheery atmosphere.

We sat down at our table and thankfully our toddlers eagerly absorbed themselves with colouring their placemats with the crayons that were provided.

After looking over the menu, I choose their famous Quarter Chicken dinner...after all that was what my mom always got when we were kids - so now that I was a mom I figured I'd better play her part!

My hubby got a hamburger and the kids shared a kids pizza.

Our friends choose the Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad and that looked absolutely amazing. I almost wished I'd ordered that!

swiss chalet edmonton locations

Our meal was brought out to us quickly - thankfully - because the kids were hungry!

My quarter chicken dinner was very good...soft, juicy, and deliciously spiced. I dipped the chicken in the special Swiss Chalet sauce. It was a little strong - and I'm not sure if I liked the chicken better with our without it. I had fries with my meal and I thought they were pretty good dipped in the sauce.

swiss chalet edmonton

My husband downed his hamburger with no complaints.

The kids devoured the french fries they got and nibbled at the pizza...allowing me to snitch a bite of pizza. I thought the pizza was pretty good - so we doggy bagged it and they got to enjoy it again later.

The kids favourite part of the meal - was of course, the dessert that came with the kids meal. They had vanilla ice cream and loved it. It must have been good with a strong vanilla flavour - because I could smell it on their breath for awhile after.

A little toy also came with the meal - so my daughter was overjoyed when they brought out a little plastic goldfish for her to keep.

All in all the food was pretty good. The food available is your traditional Canadian food - something you might cook for yourself in your home. They

My personal preference is when I go out - I want to get something unusual or elaborate - so Swiss Chalet Edmonton is not my first choice of restaurant - but all in all it was a good dining experience - and if I had the opportunity I would go again.

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