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Tim Horton's Edmonton

Tim Horton's
Edmonton has many locations all over the city. It's a good thing too - because Tim's has become a genuine Canadian institution.

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check Tim Horton's for the many Tim Horton's Edmonton locations - North South (including the South Edmonton Common), East, West - Tim's has you covered!

Check the website to download the TimmyMe free app for your mobile device to find the nearest Tim Horton's locations.

Many Tim Horton's have drive-thru windows.

A number of stores and gas stations have Tim Horton's in them.

Overall Rating: 4 star out of 5

Food Served: Coffee Shop

Website: Tim Horton's

Each store varies - some Tim Horton's are open 24 hours.

tim hortons edmonton locations

Tim Hortons (160 Ave/97 St) 24Hours on Urbanspoon

Tim Horton's Edmonton Alberta Review

We are nostalgic about our distinctly Canadian symbols - Mounties, the maple leaf flag, hockey, and...Tim Horton's!

Tim Horton's is a Canadian company and Canadians seem to love their Tim Horton's coffee and donuts.

A few years ago our family temporarily relocated to the States for six months. As we were driving home and approached the border, the question arose, "Where's the nearest Timmy's?" A collective sigh of relief went up as we eventually saw the familiar sign and pulled into Tim's for coffee, iced caps, and steeped tea. We were home!

Tim Horton's are now almost ubiquitous in Canada. From the smallest town to the largest city, one does not have to look very far before finding a Tim Horton's.

Tim Horton's Atmosphere

The seating area in most Tim's is bright and sunny with simple tables and chairs.

It's less of a place where budding novelists create their latest works and more of a place for friends and neighbors to gather to visit and catch up.

Tim Hortons Coffee and Beverages

Tim Horton's specializes in coffee - one blend, several grinds, regular or decaf.

24 hours tim hortons

You can order it single single (one cream, one sugar - also known as regular,) double double, triple triple, or any variance in between.

Just like other coffee shops you can also chose artificial sweetener, low fat or no-fat milk or black.

The coffee is made every 20 minutes from 100% Arabica beans so you're guaranteed a fresh brew when you buy their coffee.

The hot beverage sizes have recently been renamed extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Not only regular and decaf coffee, but espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, cafe mocha, latte, hot smoothie, steeped tea, specialty tea, and tea latte are also available.

Like other coffee shops, new products are occasionally added or offered for limited release. You can also add a flavor shot to your hot beverage, if desired.

Tim Horton's signature cold beverage is their Iced Cap (Cappuccino) which is a summertime favorite. Also available are flavoured ice caps, real fruit smoothies, and real fruit smoothies with yogurt.

Tim Horton's Menu

Tim Horton's is also known for baked goods. Donuts, muffins, and pastries are baked daily along with cookies and bagels.

Donut holes have been renamed Timbits and are sold in little boxes. Very popular with the younger set!

tim hortons edmonton south

Breakfast at Tim Hortons Edmonton can be as simple as a bowl of oatmeal, as fresh as fruit with yogurt, as convenient as a breakfast wrap, or as hearty as a breakfast bagel or breakfast biscuit sandwich. Add a hash brown patty and a coffee to make it a combo.

Sandwiches, wraps, soups, and hot bowls are offered from lunchtime on. Add a beverage and donut to make these choices into a combo meal.

A few of the Tim's now have Cold Stone Creamery store-made ice cream available.

Tim Horton's Products

Tim's also sells merchandise - in store and online.

Tins of coffee, hot chocolate or cappuccino or boxes of tea are available.

tim hortons west edmonton

Mugs, travel mugs, coffee makers and even Christmas ornaments (in season) can be purchased at Tim's. Tim's has begun offering a different mug every year at Christmas time for those gift-giving occasions.

Tim Horton's offers a reloadable Tim's Card featuring ever-changing designs.

RRRoll Up the Rim to Win

You can't talk about Tim Horton's without mentioning their wildly successful annual RRRoll Up the Rim to Win promotion.

tim hortons edmonton ab

After drinking your beverage you roll up the rim at the arrow to see if you win a free coffee, donut, gift card or a bigger prize. Sometimes you only win the suggestion, "Please Play Again."

It's a lot of fun and held every year beginning the end of February until late March or early April when the special cups run out.

Community Involvement

Tim Horton's is involved in community programs and sponsor's camps for children through their Foundation. The Tim Horton's website can provide many details of their community mindedness and charity work.

The Bottom Line

Our family has been in a lot of Tim Horton's over the years. The coffee is a favorite with all of the coffee drinkers, more so than any other chain coffee shop.

In comparison with some of its more upscale competitors, Tim Horton's offers a modestly-prices cup of coffee, a kind of no-nonsense cuppa that's solidly flavorful and unpretentious - a bit like Canadians themselves.

I'm very fond of Tim Horton's steeped tea. Most places do not consistently get the water hot enough to brew or steep tea. Tim Horton's has taken the time to do it right. A daughter regularly orders the chai tea - her favorite.

Another daughter loves the Iced Caps - regular and the variations. When the real fruit smoothies came out we gave them a try and none of us liked them. We all thought they tasted too syrupy and did not taste much like real fruit.

The sandwiches and soups are fine, but not fantastic. The freshly made buns or bread are good and the sandwiches overall are fresh, just uninspired. I've tried a couple of the soups and they are not bad, just not the same as soups made from fresh ingredients onsite.

Tim's donuts, fritters, Timbits, muffins, pasties and cookies are good. I'm not a big donut fan, but those little Timbits fill a little spot for something sweet.

edmonton tim hortons

The breakfast biscuits and biscuit sandwiches are very good, not very expensive, and nice to order when you have to grab breakfast on the run. I've had the hash brown patties a few times and they always seemed greasy to me. I don't ever order them anymore.

Overall Tim's rates a 4 out of 5. Great coffee and steeped tea, iced caps and breakfast biscuits, good baked goods, nice variety of beverages, fun contests, and nice merchandise. We've received excellent, quick service as well as extremely slow service. It's hard to rate that when we've visited so many Tim's.

Tim Horton's. A Canadian institution.

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