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Tony Roma Edmonton

Tony Roma Edmonton...a great family restaurant known for it's ribs, steaks, and seafood.

tony roma Edmonton


10362 51 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada T6E 0J7
Phone Number: Phone Number: (780) 437-7081

Other Tony Roma Edmonton area locations:

101 82nd Ave & 83rd St. Bonnie Doon Mall Edmonton, Alberta T6C 4E3
Phone Number: (780) 466-7070

13603 St. Albert's Trail Edmonton, Alberta T5L 5E7
Phone Number: (780) 482-2180

1640 Bourbon St. West Edmonton Mall Edmonton, Alberta T5T 3J7
Phone Number: (780) 444-3105

111th & Ave. Groat Road Unit 106 Edmonton, Alberta T5M 3L7
Phone Number: (780) 488-7427

Overall Rating: 3.5 star out of 5

Go Again? Yes, friendly service and good value for the money at lunch.

Food Served: Specializes in ribs, seafood, steaks

Website: Tony Roma's

Lunch and dinner. Call for hours

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Tony Roma Edmonton Review

I love free birthday stuff and Tony Roma's offers a free birthday entrée when you sign up for their complimentary Birthday Club Card. (Caveat: it takes about 8 weeks to process your information and get you into the system.)

So my friend and I headed to Tony Roma Edmonton for my free (yippee!) lunch.

tony romas Edmonton

We arrived close to 1:00 and the lunch crowd had thinned somewhat. Several businessmen, some seniors, a family, and a few groups of friends were dining when we arrived.

We were seated right away at a roomy two-person table and were quickly brought large glasses of ice water with lemon. Tony Roma's offers a nice lunch menu at special pricing (subject to change) or one can order off of the regular menu for a greater selection.

Since Tony Roma's is noted for their "ribs, seafood and steak" I ordered the steak sandwich with steamed broccoli and a cup of Tony Roma's signature loaded baked potato soup.

My friend opted for the riblings accompanied by the steamed broccoli. We paid a bit extra for her to add loaded garlic mashed potatoes.

Our meals arrived in a timely fashion and we asked to sample the four Tony Roma's BBQ sauces - Original, Carolina Honeys, Blue Ridge Smokies, or Tony Roma's Red Hots with our meal.

Love that hickory-smoked flavor of the Smokies variety!

tony roma Edmonton review

I ordered my steak medium rare but it was served closer to rare. Since I like it on the rare side I did not send it back for further grilling. It was very flavorful, but a bit stringy and did not seem fully tenderized.

The delicious meat juices soaked into the thick slice of garlic toast on this open faced sandwich.

The broccoli was perfectly steamed and the loaded baked potato soup was hot, thick but not gloppy, and sprinkled with bacon bits, grated cheddar, and green onion slices. (One cannot seem to find any mid-priced restaurants that actually serve fresh chives with baked potatoes, but I digress.)

The soup was really, really good.

My friend's lunch plate was heaped with food. Full of flavor, the riblings were a bit dry, especially at the ends. She received two large scoops of garlic mashed potatoes with bacon bits, grated cheddar, green onion slices and sides of butter and sour cream. The broccoli portion was generous.

tony roma ribs Edmonton

Our waitress was perfectly attentive. We asked her how many patrons the restaurant seated and her deadpan answer was, "A thousand...if they sit on each other's laps!" We loved her humor! Actual occupancy? 146.

I have eaten at Tony Roma's numerous times. My kids loved going to TR's for their free birthday meals over the years.

You get a good filling meal for a good price, especially at lunchtime. Tony Roma Edmonton has a limited take-out menu and offers a couple of special family pack deals for pick up.

Tony Roma's is still a favorite lunch stop for me!

Reviewed 6/28/11

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