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West Edmonton Mall Attractions

The West Edmonton Mall attractions will keep you busy and entertained.

From the Sea Caverns to the Ice Palace to Mini Golf to Galaxyland and a Waterpark, you'll soon find it has to many things to do.

Simply pick your mood. Choose an attraction that suits...and have fun!

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There's active things to do to get your energy out.

There's quiet things to do to simply sit back and enjoy.

For now, before your visit to the mall, let's browse your options.

West Edmonton Mall Attractions



Galaxyland is a large indoor amusement park at the West Edmonton Mall.

There are rides and activities to keep people of all ages entertained.

Galaxyland is home of the largest indoor triple loop roller coaster...but there's a lot more that we can say about Galaxyland, so if you want to find out more, you can check out our Galaxyland information page and browse through some pictures.

World Waterpark

world waterpark

World Waterpark is a fun place to visit no matter what time of year it is. It's one of the popular West Edmonton Mall attractions.

There are slides and pools designed so that both the young and the old won't mind taking a plunge into a water full of fun.

World Waterpark is home of the world's largest indoor wavepool and the tallest indoor bunjee jump.

For more infomation and to view some pictures, check out our West Edmonton Mall Waterpark Information page.

West Edmonton Mall Mini Golf

west edmonton mall mini golf

The West Edmonton Mall is home to actually 2 different mini golf courses. Both are 18 holes - but the atmophere for each is quite different.

Professor Wem's Adventure Golf is a typical mini golf course set in the land of Professor Wem. The decor throughout the course is whimsical and fun.

Putt n' Glow is a glow-in-the-dark mini golf course. Putting in the dark as your golf ball glows down the green is quite a fun experience. The course is fun and the glowing decor will keep you mesmerized.

For more information and a review of both courses, read our West Edmonton Mall Mini Golf Information Page.

Sea Life Caverns

west edmonton mall, sea life caverns, marine life

Sea Life Caverns is an underground aquarium.

After purchasing your ticket, you descend some stairs to an underwater world.

There is a large aquarium of marine creatures that you can view from a large glass window. As you peer inside you'll see a variety of marine life - the most exciting, I think, is the shark and the large sea turtle.

There is also a touch tank where you can touch and feel some slippery underwater creatures.

To add to your Sea Life adventure, you'll also see some penguins and some reptiles to round out your cavern experience.

The Sea Life Caverns aren't that big - and you definitely won't be spending the day there - but they are interesting.

Sea Lions Rock

west edmonton mall attractions

Sea Lions Rock is an extension of the Sea Life Caverns. It's an entertaining sea lion show! Typically, there are 2 shows per day.

If you want to enjoy the show - but you do not want to spend the money, you can watch the show either from above on the 2nd floor or on the 1st floor behind the glass wall where paid visitors get to go sit.

I've watched the show from the amphitheater as well as from the outside. The downsides of not going inside are that the show is not as up close and personal and you can't hear what the trainers are saying.

It's not a bad option though to simply stand on the outside. If you're on a tight budget, you can save your money for other West Edmonton Mall Attractions.

Deep Sea Derby

What is the Deep Sea Derby? It's bumper boats! Bumper boats with an added "attack" feature - squirt guns!

You not only have the joy of bumping into the boat of your friends and family - but you can also squirt them with mercilessly with water. I'm not guaranteeing a happy reaction after the bumper boats are over though!

Ice Palace

ice palace, edmonton, mall

The Ice Palace in the West Edmonton Mall is a fun place to skate. They offer public skating where people of all ages can skate on the rink.

The Ice Palace also offers ice skating lessons. A friend of mine had her kids get ice skating lessons here - sounds like they had a blast. They offer ice skating lessons for children and adults. Classes range from teaching beginner lessons to advanced lessons.

Ice Palace also has times for pickup hockey and occasionally they'll host some hockey clinics. The Edmonton Oilers used to even practice here. When they did, this was one of the West Edmonton Mall Attractions that drew a lot of people.

Ed's Rec Room

Ed's Rec Room is full of the things that you would expect to find in a recreation room.

It has billiard tables (the game of pool) and it has tons of different arcade games to choose from.

Ed's Rec Room also has a 10 pin bowling there's lots of things to keep you entertained here.

Of course, we haven't even talked about the regular things that you do in a mall - like check out all the stores and shop...walk the mall and take in the decor...enjoy some relaxation at one of the many themed food courts...the options are endless!

Come check out the West Edmonton Mall Attractions...and Enjoy!

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