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West Edmonton Mall Mini Golf

Your Insider's Guide to WEM Mini Golf
...2 very different courses to choose from!

West Edmonton Mall mini golf is far from boring.

You can choose between Professor Wem's Adventure Golf and Putt n' Glow glow-in-the dark mini golf.

So assume your putting stance and let's talk mini golf at the West Ed!

We'll review them both and let you make the choice of which one you want to visit.

west edmonton mall mini golf

There are two different West Edmonton Mall mini golf courses you can choose from.

The first is your standard mini golf course called Professor Wem's Adventure Golf. While the course may be similar to any mini putt course you'd find around the world - in this course you enter the land of Professor Wem and putt on his turf.

Your other choice of mini golf course at the West Edmonton Mall is Putt n' Glow. It's mini put with a twist. You have to putt in the dark as your surroundings, your ball, and your club all glow. It's quite the experience.

Both courses are 18 hole golf courses and both courses are a comparable price (actually the same the last time I checked).

So if you want to go putting in the mall but only have time for one course, check out the description and review of each course below to help you make your decision.

Sadly I only have pictures of the Professor Wem's golf course - I don't have any yet for Putt n' Glow. I really need to get better at that. Hopefully soon I'll be able to add some.

Professor Wem's Adventure Golf

professor wems golf

Professor Wem's Adventure golf is a mini golf experience with incredible scenery that transforms you out of the mall atmosphere and into, well, the realm of...Professor Wem.

The golf course itself is fun as well. This West Edmonton Mall mini golf course has 18 holes.

You'll find the Adventure Golf course on the first floor. The closest mall entrance is Entrance 2.

Some complain about this course saying that it does not have a lot of obstacles or interesting features like you would expect from a golf course.

Others complain that they don't like the fact that the golf course is smack dab in the middle of the mall so it feels like everyone can watch you.

The final complaint about the course is that it can get fairly busy and crowded.

Those that make these complaints recommend Putt n' Glow on the 2nd floor of the West Edmonton mall as a far better alternative to this course.

So there's the facts and the reviews for you on this course. If these complaints bother you, you might want to opt for the glow-in-the-dark course (see below).

If these cons don't phase you, why not give it a try - there's some reason why this course is so busy!

west ed golf

Putt n' Glow Mini Golf

Putt n' Glow at the West Edmonton Mall is an 18 hole mini golf course.

There are challenging holes and just plain fun holes.

This West Edmonton mall mini golf course is on the second floor. The closest entrance is Entrance 5.

If you like mini putt but have never tried it glow-in-the-dark style, you might want to consider giving it a try! It's really neat.

The scenery alone could keep you entertained - just looking at all the different glowing decor as you pass from hole to hole is almost worth the trip!

With neon trees, flowers, butterflies, stars, and outer space decor all crazily glowing at you as you make your way through the golf course - you may have some excuse about being distracted by the environment if you happen to be a little off on your game!

And, of course, since you'll be putting in the dark, your golf ball and your golf club glows too.

If you want to be part of the show, just wear light clothing and your clothes will most likely glow as well. If you'd rather not shine your way through the course, you might consider wearing dark clothing.

So if you're wanting to go mini putting with a twist, you should consider trying out Putt n' Glow.

This course generally receives good ratings from those who visit.

Not to many complaints with this one. A few people say it's not extremely challenging and some people don't like the fact that the lint on their clothes seemed to glow while they were putting =O)

But all in all, people generally really enjoy this course. I love putting glow-in-the-dark style.

So there you have it - a review and description of West Edmonton Mall mini golf. Go and have some fun!

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