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West Edmonton Mall Waterpark

Your Guide to World Waterpark Edmonton
...come take the SPLASH!

The West Edmonton Mall waterpark known as World Waterpark is one of the many attractions at Edmonton's big mall. What's all the fuss about?

Well, it has the world's largest indoor wavepool, the world's tallest indoor permanent bungee tower, and lots of thrilling slides.

It's the perfect place for a trip in the summer or even during a cold Alberta winter.

Now, let me tell you more about what you'll find here, the hours, the prices, and more.

West Edmonton Mall Waterpark

Where will you find the park? The closest entrance to the park is Entrance 50.

If you'd like to see some World Waterpark Pictures, you can check some of our pics.

West Edmonton Mall Waterpark Slides and Play Areas

The park has a variety of slides - designed for different ages and people with different thrill cravings!


The park has smaller, slower slides that are designed to be fun and safe for young kids. They drop the youngsters slowly into the water so that it is not to scary.

The park also has some play places for small children to romp and play. These areas are filled with only shallow water. These places has water toys, water activities, and some small slides that will keep the young ones blissfully entertained.


For the older kids and adults, there is plenty of fun and excitement to be had with the more advanced waterslides.

The intermediate slides are fall from boring. As you slide down the slides, you'll quickly encounter some sharp curves and steep drops. Some of the slides have the added excitement of being totally enclosed and dark, making it harder for you to anticipate where you will slide next!

World Waterpark hours

Advanced and Extreme

If you're into excitement and thrills, then the advanced and extreme slides at the park will be sure to give you a thrill.

You'll find a dark slide that suddenly without warning suddenly has a gigantic drop.,

You'll find an amazingly tall slide with many twists and curves and turns.

You'll find a high speed - super fast slide complete with bumps to keep you screaming.

You'll find a slide that drops and drops and drops you - seemingly straght down - for what seems like forever.

You'll find a lot of thrills, screams, and excitement!

Blue Thunder Wavepool

The Blue Thunder Wavepool at the West Edmonton Mall Waterpark is the largest indoor wavepool and maybe the most popular attraction at the park. I guess I could elaborate more on it - but if you know what a wavepool is then you can picture the Blue Thunder.

A loud airhorn will signal the start of the waves in the pool and then there they come! Get ready for some swimming fun!

West Edmonton Mall, World Waterpark

Center of Gravity West Edmonton Mall

The Center of Gravity in the waterpark at the West Edmonton Mall is the world's tallest indoor bungee jump.

When you take the jump, you'll be over 100 feet way up in the air. So if you're ready and willing, why not take the plunge?

If you'd rather not, you can also check out their Bunjee trampolines or their huge climbing wall!

West Edmonton Mall bunjee, jump

World Waterpark Prices

Cost to enter the waterpark varies according to several different factors.

  • Age
  • For instance, children under 2 years old get in free and there are discounts for children of different ages.
    Seniors get a discounted price as well.

  • Time of Day
  • If you come just for the last 3 hours of the day prior to closing - you will be admitted for a discounted price.

You can view the most current prices here.

World Waterpark Hours

The West Edmonton mall waterpark's hours of operation vary depending on the day. You can check out the hours for the day that you would like to visit.

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