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Whitemud Park Edmonton

Whitemud Park Edmonton is a large park where you can enjoy and explore nature in the heart of the city.


The park includes picnic sites, walking trails, and outlooks where you can enjoy nature and wildlife - right inside this big city!

Have a picnic, go for a walk, watch the birds, and see what other animals you can spot!

Sadly I forgot our camera. Guess we'll just have to go again!

Location: 13204 Fox Drive NW

Overall Rating: 5 star

Go Again? For sure! This park allows you to enjoy nature as it is - it is not a highly manicured park - you get to enjoy nature as is while you walk through the forest and trails.

Parking: Not a huge parking lot - but we had no trouble finding parking.

Dogs: Dogs cannot be off leash.

Special Features


  • Picnic sites
  • Portable washrooms - not wheelchair accessible

Things to Do:

  • Picnic Sites: have an outdoor feast at the park
  • Trails: enjoy running, hiking, biking and cross-country skiing

Close by:

  • John Janzen Nature Centre
  • Fort Edmonton Park
  • Whitemud Equine Learning Centre

Our Visit to Whitemud Park Edmonton

I love hiking! So I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that you can hike in the middle of Edmonton - and within a couple of minutes walk - not be able to tell that you are actually still within the city!

We had 2 strollers and a wagon and they were all able to weather the trail just fine.

We decided to go to Whitemud Park one day when the forecast called for warm weather in the midst of an unusual cold spell.

With a couple of friends, we planned a picnic at this Edmonton park.

When we arrived, we soon realized it was much to cold to have a picnic in one of their picnic areas up top - so we went for a hike.

We saw lots of squirrels and a beaver dam - but didn't see the beavers this time - our friends have seen the beavers on other visits though.

I've heard of people even spotting a moose in this park...imagine - a moose living within such a large city!

We hiked past a bird lookout with benches - that wasn't a large enough picnic spot for our crew.

We followed the path into the forest and found some fallen trees to sit on and had our picnic - 6 adults with 6 kids under the age of five!

It was a lot warmer in the forest - so we were able to shed our mittens to enjoy our messy - but extremely yummy treat - donairs.

As exciting as it would have been to watch the kids eat this messy treat - they happily enjoyed the classic picnic treat - peanut butter and jam sandwiches!

As we ate, the kids loved watching all the people with their dogs walk or run by. It was a regular dog show! We saw just about every kind of dog imagineable - small, medium, large, and absolutely HUGE dogs. Some were almost hairless and others were just a ball of hair.

After a fun picnic and hike, we trekked our way back up to the parking lot and found that the warm weather the weather man had predicted had arrived.

Definitely a fun day! Will have to do it again - and next time I'll be sure to remember my camera.

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