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Wii Edmonton

Are you looking for a wii in Edmonton?

We've got the equipment, information, games, and accessories you want!

Nothing to do in Edmonton? Try a Wii Bit of Fun!

wii edmonton Not that Edmonton doesn't have anything to do, but we've all had those evenings where we didn't feel like going out but still wanted to do something fun.

Try a Wii on for size!

Here's some info about the Wii - but if you want - you can shop now!

The Wii is a game console that is a group activity, provides plenty of game options, and can even serve as an exercise program. A Wii offers plenty of options for an enjoyable evening.

Some may think of traditional video games as isolating individuals and wasting time, but a Wii has a way of bringing people together.

It's also great for those cold Canadian winters - tennis anyone? Would anyone like to play golf? With a Wii, Edmonton winters don't have to be boring.

Wii Equipment

A Wii comes with a console, a remote controller, a motion plus accessory, a nunchuk controller, a sensor bar, standard composite cable, and a power cord.

Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort are also included.

Wii sports are motion-controlled and possible games are tennis, golf, baseball, bowling, and boxing.

Wii Sports Resort contains swordplay, basketball, power cruising, canoeing, cycling, air sports, wakeboarding, Frisbee, archery, table tennis, golf, and bowling.

Wii software for many other games and activities is also available, like Wii Fit, Endless Ocean, Super Mario Galaxy, Animal Crossing, and Punch-Out (just to name a VERY FEW).

Wii consoles can connect to the internet, where you can play against friends, download games, etc. Other accessories that you can purchase include a Wii zapper, a Wii wheel, the classic controller pro, a lan adapter, and a Wii balance board (for exercising with the Wii fit).

Extra Support

Just in case you're not a techno-whiz, Nintendo has an entire support section on their website just to help you with technical issues such as setting up your console, troubleshooting issues, hooking up accessories, and any other conceivable technical issue that might arise during the life of your Wii console.

There's lots of variety with a Wii console - whether it be tennis or Super Mario, golf or Endless Ocean, it's a great investment for active games.

If you're by yourself, with family, or entertaining company in Edmonton, Wii games might be just the thing for you.

Buying a Wii

The Wii console is available on the Wii website, but also check eBay for a wii.

You can also find a Wii at Amazon.

If you are looking for a local deal on a Wii, Edmonton newspaper ads or Craigslist would be great places to look.

Accessories (the extra controllers, game software, etc.) are sold separately.

Buying a Wii console from an online website can often be less expensive - but definitely less time consuming than trying to locate a Wii in Edmonton.

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